30 Characters Showcasing Positive LGBT Representation on TV Right Now

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29. Inhuman Condition- Michelle Kessler

This web series was released on July 4, 2016, and has a season of 33 episodes on KindaTV. Created by RJ Lackie, it takes place in a socially conscious world where supernatural beings exist. The lead, Dr. Michelle Kessler (Torri Higginson), is a therapist for various supernatural patients, and is also bisexual. During therapy sessions with her patients, she not only helps them through their problems, but helps herself through her own.

Her marriage to a women just fell apart and she’s now on a path to rekindling a relationship with her ex, Will (Shaun Benson).

This is an interesting story about a female bisexual lead who has ended a relationship with a woman and is now navigating the way to a man. It’s a theme often untouched in LGBT representation. At the end of the day, the bisexual character is attracted to both sexes. In television right now, if a character is bi, then it’s typically about their coming out story, or coming to terms journey, and would follow a women falling for a women. Inhuman Condition is doing just the opposite; I have to praise them for that.

LGBT representation goes in all ways. This is still the story of a bisexual lead, owning her sexuality, and loving who she loves.