30 Characters Showcasing Positive LGBT Representation on TV Right Now

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30. The 100- Clarke Griffin

Here me out, Clexa fans. I, too, was devastated when Mighty Wanheda, Mountain Slayer, lost her one true love, Commander Lexa. I cried for weeks. Hell, I’m still crying. “Thirteen” aired on March 2nd 2016 and I am one of the viewers who physically felt my knees buckle beneath me as Lexa died. Outrage ensued.

But this is important, and I’ll tell you why.

Although falling victim to that unnecessary, overused trope, Clarke Griffin is still a powerhouse of a strong, female lead. She was the first lead on The CW who was openly bisexual, and continues to be. She lives in a world where sexuality is unimportant because survival is the only thing worth worrying about.

I refuse to believe this is the end for her. Season 4 of The 100 premieres in 2017 and I’m hoping the writers do her justice. Although she lost her one true love, I want to see a strong, independent story line for her.

I can understand why so many were shattered after Lexa’s death. I can even understand why some people refuse to watch the show again. But I’m not giving up on Clarke quite yet. She deserves better, and I hope season 4 reflects that.