Yellowcard’s New Album ‘Yellowcard’ Reviewed and Ranked

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10: Track 2, “What Appears”, 3:50

First impression: This song sounds over-produced.

Second opinion: I like that heavy beat. The lyrics are great.

Third listen through: See first opinion.

The song isn’t bad. I think the song title is lazy. I think the drums are too simplistic. I find the melody hard to grasp; there is no real hook. The synthy sounding keyboards (or something) in the background is a little much for me, especially since these guys can play their real instruments that don’t sound cheesy.

The bridge, too, is lacking something. The instrumentals aren’t bad, but it’s just a bridge. It doesn’t take me anywhere. It leads us directly into the exact same sound and intensity as before the bridge.

"I turned myself blue, but forced my way through And I’m still out here looking for answers I ended up wrong the faster I’ve gone But I know I am finding the answers"

I do love the story the lyrics tell us. It’s about struggling, even after finding success, with the next chapter in your life. It’s about never giving up, even when you feel the entire world is against you. I am not what appears. I am failures and fears. But I’m on my way, I am on my way.”