25 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2016

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Sum 41, 13 Voices, October 7th

Sum 41 speaks to a version of myself buried in the early 2000s. They were the punk rock band that emerged as King for awhile, despite not really knowing how to play their instruments and writing shallow music that was mostly just noise and volume.

Still, that part of me gets excited when I hear Sum 41 is releasing a new album. If I can get even a glimpse of Half Hour of Power from 13 Voices, I might just die.

"All bets are off but you still Think that you’ve gotta a right well Your lucky days are numbered now (And you’re to blame) You built a castle of sand Shaking the devil’s hand well At least I’ve still got my soul to sell You’ve got to take me away ‘Cause I wanna feel (wanna feel) Something that’s real (thing that’s real) Help me escape ‘Cause I wanna be (I’ll take my last breath) Left to be free (I just wanna fake my own death) -“Fake My Own Death”"

I’m not going to tell you that Sum 41 has become refined. Their sound, based off “Fake My Own Death” is about what you’d expect, but there is something in the lyrics and in the way they carry themselves that tells me they’ve grown up a bit. And maybe there’s a little more substance there.

Rock on!