25 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2016

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Yellowcard, Yellowcard, October 7th

The sixteen year old stuck somewhere deep within me is flailing. YELLOWCARD?! Like, the iconic LA-based beach band from the early 2000s? THE Yellowcard who brought us the timeless classic, “Ocean Avenue”?

Yep. That’s the one.

The self-titled album, the band’s seventh, is said to be their last. Lead singer Ryan Key confirmed on his twitter awhile back that after this album and tour, the band would break up.

One sec while my teenaged self weeps.

"It was the best that you could be for me I think we were lucky just to stay alive Even when you had only fire to breathe I know you were only trying to make it right Change everything I’ve ever known Try once again to let you go If you could go back now would you say it differently If there was no one there would you open up for me If this was the last time that we would ever speak Could we forgive somehow could we let it rest in peace -“Rest In Peace”"

In their new single, “Rest In Peace”, Yellowcard sounds just like they did in the Ocean Avenue days, and my god is it wonderfully melancholy. When that friggin’ violin hits, so many memories flood my mind that I can barely see straight.

You can bet your ass I’ll be grabbing this one.