25 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2016

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Alter Bridge, The Last Hero, October 7th

The Last Hero is the first record from Alter Bridge since Fortress in 2013 and is, many say, a musical response to the current American political climate. Just watch the video for the first single, “Show Me A Leader” and try tellin’ me it ain’t.

Alter Bridge may very well be one of the last remaining great rock ‘n’ roll bands. They could be described as a super group: Lead guitarist Mark Tremonti came from Creed along with bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips, and the lead vocalist, Myles Kennedy, has recorded a couple albums with rock legend Slash. Before Alter Bridge, Myles was the front man for The Mayfield Four, a band that went grossly underrated and was, by many accounts, a failure.

"Well they’re selling another messiah Here tonight But we’re all way too numb and divided To buy it Singing No no no We are all too divided this time No no no Show me a leader that won’t compromise Show me a leader so hope never dies We need a hero this time No no no -“The Last Hero”"

I’m gonna go ahead and say it now: Myles Kennedy is probably the greatest vocalist of our time.