25 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2016

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Gorillaz, TBA, TBA 2016

We don’t have a ton of details about a Gorillaz album. It was said that 2016 would be the year, according to the digital band’s animator, but I recently read something that suggests a 2017 release.

So what do we know? Well, we know the group plans for this next album to be more upbeat. Their last album, The Fall, was more ballad-filled and heavy on the piano. The last piece of music we heard from them, back in 2012, is the song I posted above, “Do Ya Thing” which is quirky and weird and definitely upbeat. So perhaps that’s a sign of what’s to come.

"I’m a pale imitator of a boy in the sky With a cap in his hand and a knot in his tie I’m the light in the mall when the power is gone The shadow in the corner, just playin’ along I’ma lay right in my bed, I’m rolling aside But if I get a car, I’m roamin’ to rob Because I know if I ever chill of livin’ to you You’ve got a volunteer, and you don’t know what to do You’d stop You wanna do it But you don’t know what you doin’ baby You wanna feel it, But you don’t know what you’re feeling tonight And if you’re thinking That I don’t know what you’re thinking, baby You go on thinking And you gonna make it alright -“Do Ya Thing”"

Whatever Gorillaz bring, I’m sure we’ll love it. But you know what else I’d love? A release date. Album cover. ANYTHING.