53 British Gentleman Who We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

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ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – SEPTEMBER 27: (EDITORS NOTE: Image was converted to black and white and was digitally altered.) Hugh Grant arrives at the ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ Premiere and Golden Icon award ceremony during the 12th Zurich Film Festival on September 27, 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland. The Zurich Film Festival 2016 will take place from September 22 until October 2. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

15. Hugh Grant

When someone thinks of the definition of the British bad boy, one name comes to mind. That name is Hugh Grant. He quickly became the love interest we all wanted in our lives who we could fix, and Hugh lived up to that in his real life too.

Known for being a wild man of sorts, it seemed like his character Daniel Cleaver wasn’t too far off from Hugh himself. But that only furthered to make him even more attractive.

With his sexy English accent and hair that seems to just flow with the wind, Grant is one of those British boys that everyone loved at some point or another. His personal exploits aside, Grant continues to make movies where his charm exudes from everything he does.

Take Daniel Cleaver for instance. He’s a terrible person yet we all love him and that is 100% because of Hugh Grant. Time has caught up with the hunk and he’s starting to look his age a bit but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t as sexy as ever. In fact, he’s like a fine wine. He’s better with age.

So maybe we all didn’t see his newest film, but that’s okay. Mainly because we’ve all probably watched Music and Lyrics or About A Boy enough times to quote it word for word.