53 British Gentleman Who We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

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NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 18: David Tennant attends BAFTA New York With Tribeca Shortlist Hosts ‘In Conversation With David Tennant’ on April 18, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for BAFTA New York)

16. David Tennant

The tenth Doctor really brought the show Doctor Who to audiences around the world. And with the recognition came the love we would all feel for David Tennant. The Shakespearean actor is one of the most beloved in Doctor Who history.

But the Scottish born actor has something about him that makes him absolutely amazing to fans. From his floopy hair and beautiful, large eyes, David Tennant captivates his audience as he performs. It doesn’t help that he is one of the most gifted actors to ever have graced us.

Playing Hamlet, The Doctor, even the weird man in Fright Night all prove that David is not only a pretty face but he’s also incredible in the characters he creates. He brings them to life and makes you understand the inner workings of their minds.

When it was announced that he would leave Doctor Who, fans were devastated. But his work would continue and he wouldn’t be gone forever. That didn’t mean his goodbye was any easier though. In fact, it was so heartbreaking that people are still crying over it.

But David Tennant continues to create beautiful work and proves that he is truly one of the greatest to ever come out of Scotland.