From BabyMetal to Hello Kitty: 11 Wacky Japanese Trends to Love

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Image via Lotteria

9. Lotteria Halloween Party

Jappanese fast food chain Lotteria fully embraces Halloween in its pantheon of holidays needing to be celebrated with food. Their restaurants will have a Halloween party on their menu starting in October including the “Purple Magic Bacon Double Excellent Cheeseburger.”

The burger comes in an adorable looking coffin box with a picture of vampire teeth and a tongue. The burger itself has a bacon tongue sticking out along with a spooky purple sauce. The sauce is just a cheese sauce with a light purple hue that comes from added Japanese Okinawan sweet potato.

Image via Lotteria

Good news, if you don’t indulge on the bacon side of life your burger can still join the party. The Purple Magic Excellent Cheeseburger gives you the spooky purple sauce without the pig. Or skip the mammals entirely with the Halloween Shrimp Burger that includes diced Kabocha squash in the topping. For the kids, chicken tenders and fries are available in paper cups printed with jack-o-lantern glasses that can be cut out.

Image via Lotteria

Then to wash it all down, there are drinks included on the party menu. These shakes come with photo booth style props on the straws so you can have a little dress up fun.