From BabyMetal to Hello Kitty: 11 Wacky Japanese Trends to Love

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2. BABYMETAL is Coming to Your Anime

Haven’t heard of BABYMETAL yet? It’s a Japanese metal idol band, meaning it’s metal sung by cute young women with a good public image. Don’t question it, just skip to the stage of acceptance because they’ve been around since 2010 and are here to stay.

Described as kawaii metal or a mixture of J-pop idol and heavy metal, the group is adorable headbanging perfection. They’re cute teenage girls with voices to match, but they’re metal! With stage names of Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal the vocalists started in the group when they were 11-13 years old. Back then none of them had any idea what metal was. They’ve come a long way since then.

They’re coming even further though, BABYMETAL will be in a new short animation series debuting in the US. This hybrid live-action and animated project is being headed by Warner Bros.’ digital studio Blue Ribbon Content. Their press release has a tantalizing description that hints at a wacky series:

"“The action-adventure will take viewers inside the magical world of heavy metal music as it comes under attack, and one lonely god, Kitsune, forms the warrior band BABYMETAL to save the day. In the series, SU-METAL, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL join together to ultimately redefine the genre. The series will also feature new live-action performances from the group, who will enter the animated world through a secret portal.”"

The show will surely attract a lot of attention and curiosity from both BABYMETAL and anime fans.