7 feminist podcasts to smash the patriarchy to

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Sooo Many White Guys, Promotional Image via WNYC Studios

Need something to listen to on your way to fight misogyny? Here are 7 feminist podcasts that will empower, inspire, and entertain!

I love podcasts. I love them so much.

I love the true life experiences, the erudite discussion, the laugh-out-loud-on-the-train comedy. And I think it’s because, more than anything, I like learning.

I started with classics, like Radiolab and This American Life, but my life changed when I discovered the feminist podcast scene. Like many people, I’m tired of hearing the same white, straight, cis male experiences over and over. That’s why every branch of entertainment is becoming more inclusive. But in a movie or on TV, it’s difficult to have very distinct, blunt conversations about issues like feminism without being heavy-handed or corny. Podcasts, however – they can do that!

The whole point of most podcasts is to have a discussion. So realizing I could listen to discussions about something I care about so much, while walking to work safely (rather than scrolling through articles on my phone and knocking my shins into fire hydrants)? It was a game-changer.

There’s a little bit of everything on this list, from stand-up to science fiction, from personal interviews to intimate interactions. Whether you like to listen while you’re commuting, cooking, bathing, knitting, or just whenever both your hands and eyes are busy, you’ll find something here that will make you a smarter and happier feminist. And most of them will make you laugh at the same time!

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