Project Runway’s 10 Best (And Some Worst) Catwalks

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Creation by Alexander Pope during Project Runway fashion show at the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AFP PHOTO/Joshua Lott

10. Alexander Pope, Season 12

Season 12’s Alexander Pope was a polarizing fan favorite who was known for his red hair as much as his dramatic designs so it’s no surprise that this hair-raising headdress was created as part of his 2013 New York Fashion Week collection for Project Runway. We kind of love it, pretty dresses and intricate hair is kind of our thing, but the look is completely impractical- as the best fashion always is. The gown’s color is rich and the idea of wearing your hair tall is fun. We can see where this totally would have been cool if you were Marie Antoinette, but less so if you just read Marie Claire. Haute couture fer sher, but think about trying to get into a car with that thing on your head.

Meanwhile, the navy dress is gorgeous. Who doesn’t love a little chiffon and a little glamour? It makes everyone feel like a French princess (see above), but can you imagine the look you’d get when you show up to your cousin’s black tie wedding wearing the cage from Sia’s “Elastic Heart” music video? Actually, we can. Sounds like a good photo-op. Just avoid your creepy uncle… or don’t. We don’t know what you’re into.

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