Yellowjackets: Nat and Shauna's Relationship Is The One To Pay Attention To In Season 3

(L-R): Lauren Ambrose as Van, Tawny Cypress as Taissa, Christina Ricci as Misty, Melanie Lynskey as Shauna and Juliette Lewis as Natalie in YELLOWJACKETS, "Storytelling". Photo Credit: Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME.
(L-R): Lauren Ambrose as Van, Tawny Cypress as Taissa, Christina Ricci as Misty, Melanie Lynskey as Shauna and Juliette Lewis as Natalie in YELLOWJACKETS, "Storytelling". Photo Credit: Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME. /

Yellowjackets is filled with complex dynamics as tensions rise in the Wilderness. Although the first two seasons have been filled with complicated relationships, Nat, and Shauna have, for the most part, managed to co-exist in this dangerous environment they've built for themselves. But, is that all about to change?

While Shauna and Nat's relationship never appeared to be filled with a devastating backstory, in the teen timeline, things may be picking up a bit following Shauna's reveal of her anger and jealousy at Nat being crowned the group's new leader over Shauna.

Shauna, has admittedly, gone through the emotional wringer more than the rest of the group, as she has lost her best friend, given birth, lost the baby, and let loose on a rampage when she physically attacked Lottie. Meanwhile, Nat's emotional climaxes have come from desperation to find food and guilt from Javi's death. So, will Shauna be challenging Nat for the role of leader?

In the adult timeline, Taissa and Shauna imply that Nat is heavily responsible for helping the group survive in the Wilderness. However, there is no specific reference that no one else had ever worn the crown. Both Nat and Lottie have acted as leaders to the survivors.

It would be exciting to see Yellowjacktets give more exploration to the teenage relationship, or conflict, between Nat and Shauna. Both characters have been pushed beyond their limit. But, of course, there is certainly more to come to fill in the rest of the 19 months the group spends out there.

Shauna and Nat have each shown apprehension about Lottie's God-like acts in the Wilderness, but that does not naturally mean that Shauna and Nat will agree on all of Nat's choices as the new leader.

These two, whose differences are clear even in adulthood, could give the show, and their relationship, plenty of exciting new layers if Yellowjackets gives them a chance to go up against each other in a way they have yet to do.

Things appear a bit uncertain just before Shauna acknowledges Nat's new role, and with the group's cabin potentially no longer an option for shelter, this could mean the tensions among the group will continue to rise in the teenagers throughout season three.

However, potential animosity or struggle for power are not the only ways their dynamic could develop. Nearly every remaining connection between the surviving Yellowjackets in the adult timeline is complex regarding events in the present, altercations of the past, or a desire to move on from the Wilderness which meant a long-standing animosity toward the experience and everyone involved based on what they had to do to survive.

The adult timeline could also be interestingly portrayed. At the conclusion of season two, Nat is killed, leaving the rest of the group to mourn their friend, who had finally started healing.

What type of impact of Nat's death have on Shauna? Will Yellowjackets explore how her death as an adult will influence each of the remaining survivors moving forward?

Due to the way this show is crafted, there are numerous ways that Nat and Shauna's relationship could have played out in the past that impacted or influenced their dynamic as adults.

With months of their time left in the Wilderness to explore, it will be thrilling to see how their relationship, along with many others, are explored by the time the group is rescued.

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