Women's History Month 2024: Meet Victoria Vesce

Victoria Vesce is someone you need to know for Women's History Month.

 Victoria Vesce Image. Image Credit to Haven Visuals.
Victoria Vesce Image. Image Credit to Haven Visuals. /

The United States celebrates Women's History Month every March and this year, I wanted to spotlight some amazing women like Victoria Vesce.

If you've never heard of Victoria Vesce, she is truly a Renaissance woman in the best way. She has undergone so much and yet still manages to be happy, and positive and give back to her community which is amazing to see.

The thing that attracted me most to Victoria's story is that she doesn't let anything define her. Her website went into it best but: "In 2017, Victoria was diagnosed with multiple Paraganglioma, a brain-skull tumor and a carotid body tumor. She voluntarily participated in a study for Duke University Hospital during her time that has helped more patients over the years overcome rare tumors and do the special kind of pin point radiation that she did!" I don't know about you, but that would be tough to overcome.

Vesce didn't let that stop her from achieving her dreams and making the most out of her life. She's truly an amazing person and someone I'm happy to feature on Culturess.

Victoria Vesce has achieved so many amazing things in a short time.

Victoria Vesce
Victoria Vesce Image. Image Credit to Dog House Studio Official. /

The thing that most people would recognize her for is being a Sports Illustrated model. She was a 2022 Swim Model and she still models. If that wasn't enough to convince you of how cool she is, Vesce is an avid traveler and even blogs about it on her website. On her blog, she talks about the places she visits and even shares tips and tricks for other travelers.

In addition, Victoria also hosts her own podcast called Validated by Victoria and even designs items for Dehart Swim. Victoria is truly booked and busy but it's clear she loves it. If you take a look at any of her social media, you'll see that Victoria has such a passion and zest for life that is truly unmatched. I

Regardless of the challenges she faces, Victoria is strong and doesn't let anything deter her which is why I wanted to end off with something unique. Vesce is dealing with hearing loss in her left ear but she wasn't going to take that sitting down. She decided to talk with her doctors and they were able to help her get more advanced hearing aids. You can view the video she shared in which she discussed getting her new hearing aids.

If you're at all interested or invested in Victoria's story, you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

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