Wild About You is an enthralling romance from Kaitlyn Hill

Kaitlyn Hill will have you ready to set up camp after reading Wild About You.
Wild About You by Kaitlyn Hill. Image Credit to Penguin Random House.
Wild About You by Kaitlyn Hill. Image Credit to Penguin Random House. /

There are authors who I have featured on Culturess and will never stop featuring. One of those is Kaitlyn Hill and her latest release is Wild About You.

If you've been here for a while, you'll know that I love Kaitlyn Hill. She has such a fun writing style and her books just keep getting better. You might recognize her from her previous titles which are Love from Scratch and Not Here to Stay Friends.

Her latest release is Wild About You and this continues the thread between all of her books as each of them follows a different reality TV show. If you don't like reality TV shows, I feel like all of her books have this utter charm about them.

With that being said, I'd like to thank Penguin Random House for sending me an ARC and once again, making me fall in love with Kaitlyn Hill's books.

Wild About You is a romantic adventure story you won't stop reading.

This story follows our main character, Natalie who is now a contestant on the show: Wild Adventures which is a reality TV show where contestants are paired up and then have to work together to survive their time on the Appalachian Trail. At first, it seems like Natalie is in over her head but she gets paired with Finn.

As you might imagine, Natalie and Finn get off on the wrong foot at first. Eventually, they're able to open up and work together in ways you might not think. Of course, the two don't always agree on everything and it feels very grumpy-sunshine for a majority of the book but that's what makes it so great.

Even though Natalie and Finn are incredibly different, they're both working towards the same goal of winning the prize money to go towards their college tuition. For Finn, it's a chance to honor his father's memory and help him work through some of his grief after losing his father. Meanwhile, Natalie is dealing with anxiety, depression, and grief after losing her grandmother who was the only person who believed in her.

Despite the tougher topics featured within the book, Wild About You was a lot about Finn and Natalie growing as people and eventually, as a couple. I loved seeing the slow-build of their relationship and those longing glances and touches no one else seemed to notice. It was also fun to see how these two were able to put their heads together and use their skills in some unique ways.

Honestly, this might end up becoming my favorite Kaitlyn Hill book yet because this truly felt like a firecracker of a book. It was full of action with all of the different challenges, the tension between Natalie and Finn, and the ending of the story. While this book is classified as a young adult, it does lean more into the new-adult range. Plus there was an "only one tent" scene which was just too delicious.

If you're on the fence about Kaitlyn Hill, please don't hesitate as her books are gems and are some of the few "young adult" books on my shelves. I think it's best to start in publication order with her books so start with Love from Scratch then move to Not Here to Stay Friends and lastly, Wild About You. You truly will not be disappointed if you pick up a Kaitlyn Hill book this summer.

Wild About You by Kaitlyn Hill is out now where books are sold.

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