When was The Prom Queen by R.L. Stine first published?

Excited about The Prom Queen being adapted? You might not realize how old the book is.

Fear Street teaser - Netflix
Fear Street teaser - Netflix /

Everyone has fond memories, of reading something from R.L.Stine and if you haven't, then you've probably watched the Fear Street movies on Netflix.

The trilogy ended up being one of the biggest and most talked-about series of 2021. That's why I was so excited to see Stine sharing that Netflix is working on adapting another one of his works but this time, it's the Fear Street title: The Prom Queen.

While we don't have a release date or any info aside from what Stine shared, I was curious about when The Prom Queen was originally published. Upon doing some research, Amazon has the release date listed as March 1st, 1992.

Despite the book being over 30 years old now, we all know that Netflix will do the book and its author justice as the company did with the original Fear Street trilogy.

The Prom Queen has huge shoes to fill at Netflix.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that cover? It's so deliciously '90s but honestly, a lot of fun. I can see someone trying to do a "throwback" moment like that with a new release. Either way, there is a lot of hype around The Prom Queen even though it's just about to start production.

Of course, that's in large part to R.L. Stine as a writer. He has been at the forefront of horror for kids and adults alike. He manages to toe the line without being too much. As a kid, I can remember reading and loving the Goosebumps series so I can see why his Fear Street titles are finally being adapted.

In addition, Fear Street feels like a more "adult" version of Goosebumps and ultimately ended up being a smashing success for Netflix. Given how many people watched and loved the original Fear Street trilogy, there will be tons of people looking forward to The Prom Queen and watching it when it's released.

Regardless if you're a horror fan or not, there is no denying the impact of R.L. Stine. The fact that we're finally getting more adaptations of his work is criminal. Thankfully though, we still have plenty of shows and movies to watch based on his massive backlist.

Did you know when The Prom Queen was originally published? Are you excited about Netflix adapting this one? Let us know!

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