What's new this February 2024 for PlayStation Plus members

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In this photo illustration a Playstation logo is displayed... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

PlayStation Plus Essential tier members have three new games available to them starting on February 6, and one of them is a straight-to-PS Plus offering to boot!

Below are your free games for the month of February:

  • Foamstars
  • Rollerdrome
  • Steelrising

First up is Foamstars, a brand new game by Square Enix launching on February 6. It's definitely giving some Splatoon vibes, which isn't a bad thing. Each character has a unique skill to master, and the game is launching with three multiplayer modes: Smash the Star, Happy Bath Survival, and Rubber Duck Party.

It's also not just a PVP game and will have a PVE mode as well. And the nice thing is that Square Enix already said it has the first year of content lined up, so the fun won't end after the first month of launch!

Next up is Rollerdrome, which is everything you would want in a roller skating game... if your main character was Max Payne.

No seriously, it's a perfect blend of a shooter and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and that sounds like it shouldn't work. But it does!

You're not alone in the skating arenas like in Tony Hawk. There are House Players who are just out to murder you. And you need to kill all of them before they kill you and land some sick moves while doing it. The more moves you make, the better your score, and killing House Players can grant you multipliers that increase the amount of points you get from tricks.

Last up is Steelrising, your Souls-like game for the month. You won't find anything here that's much different from any other Souls-like out there, but if you're a fan of the genre, you'll feel right at home.

Its setting is 1789 France with an alternate history where King Louis XVI suppressed the French Revolution by unleashing a mechanical army that massacred the populace. You have three classes to choose from for your main character (and you can change the difficulty level if you'd like). Combat will feel familiar, as you have both light and heavy attacks, but one thing that sets Steelrising apart is that there's no dedicated block button. Instead, each weapon has an attacking or defensive special move. It just makes you rethink how to head into combat.

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Your PlayStation Plus games for February are available starting February 6!