Twisters: The Album will feature 29 songs (When does Twisters: The Album release?)

Twisters isn't set for release until July 19th but a look at the album has us excited.
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When most of us heard about the remake of Twister, most of us rolled our eyes. However, after the release of the trailer, a lot of people changed their tunes and the same can be said about Twisters: The Album.

As you can tell, Twisters is a new look at the 1996 film Twister and it follows a brand-new group of characters yet still keeps the classic story. However, the thing that I found most impressive is the soundtrack for the film.

While most films have a decent soundtrack, Twisters: The Album features a staggering 29 tracks and at the time of posting this, only three songs have been shared. Since listening to the three songs, I knew I had to share the entire track list and talk about why I'm so excited about this album.

Whether you're someone who is excited about the movie or got a look at the roster of talent featured on the album, then you're in for a treat with Twisters: The Album.

When does Twisters: The Album release?

Unfortunately, we have to wait until July 19th to get Twisters: The Album. Of course, it's going to be released in tandem with the film. However, the wait should be worth it as we've gotten three songs from the album but let's get into the full track list first as it's a lot of songs.

  1. "Ain't No Love in Oklahoma" by Luke Combs
  2. "Ain't in Kansas Anymore" by Miranda Lambert
  3. "Steal My Thunder" by Conner Smith [Featuring Tucker Wetmore]
  4. "Feelin' Country" by Thomas Rhett
  5. "The Cards I've Been Dealt" by Warren Zeiders
  6. "Never Left Me" by Megan Moroney
  7. "Out of Oklahoma" by Lainey Wilson
  8. "Hell or High Water" by Bailey Zimmerman
  9. "Dead End Road" by Jelly Roll
  10. "Country Classic" by Kane Brown
  11. "Tear Us Apart" by Sam Barber
  12. "Song While You're Away" by Tyler Childers
  13. "Already Had It" by Tucker Wetmore
  14. "Chrome Cowgirl" by Leon Bridges
  15. "Death Wish Love" by Benson Boone
  16. "Boots Don't" by Shania Twain & BRELAND
  17. "Stronger Than A Storm" by Dylan Gossett
  18. "Chasing The Wind" by Lanie Gardner
  19. "Leave the Light On" by Jelly Roll [Featuring Alexandra Kay)
  20. "Before I Do" by Wyatt Flores and Jake Kohn
  21. "Caddo Country" by The Red Clay Strays
  22. "Blackberry Wine" by Tanner Usrey
  23. "Too Easy" by Tanner Adell
  24. "Shake Shake (All Night Long") by Mason Ramsey
  25. "New Loop" by Tyler Halverson
  26. "Touchdown" by Flatland Calvary
  27. "Driving You Home" by Nolan Taylor
  28. "Wall of Death" by Wilderado, Ken Pomeroy and James McAlister
  29. ("Ghost) Riders In The Sky" by Charley Crockett

As you can see, Twisters: The Album is full of SO much talent and features some of the hottest musicians in the country world right now. We can only hope that the 26 other songs featured on the album are as good as the three we've heard so far. No doubt this is going to be one of the hotter country albums to be released this summer.

The film Twisters and Twisters: The Album will be released on July 19th, 2024.

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