The Sustainable Style Icon: Angelina Jolie's Vogue Japan Cover Story

Jolie's Journey: Exploring the Intersection of Fashion, Culture, and Sustainability
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

Angelina Jolie was featured on the cover of Vogue Japan in May 2024. This highlighted her multifaceted career as an actress, filmmaker, humanitarian, and mother. The article explores her appreciation for Japanese craft and culture. It mentions her growing involvement in sustainable fashion through her Atelier Jolie concept store in New York as well.

Why Angelina Jolie Was Chosen for Vogue Japan

Vogue Japan chose Angelina Jolie for the cover story because of her extensive experience and passion for various fields. As a well-known actress and filmmaker, she has captivated audiences for four decades. Her humanitarian work and commitment to sustainable fashion align with the magazine's focus on cultural exploration and environmental awareness.

Key Points from the Vogue Japan Interview

During her interview, Jolie discussed her experiences in Japan. She also talked about her charity work. Her thoughts on the importance of community and sustainability were insightful which we're sharing below.

Respect for Japanese Craft

Jolie expressed her admiration for a unique blend of tradition and innovation in Japanese culture. Particularly the emphasis on respecting and working with what one has. She found the Japanese concept of "mottainai" (don't waste) charming. It reflects the country's values of valuing and preserving resources.

Sustainability in Fashion

Jolie believes that the fashion industry can learn from the slower and more considered approach of Japanese artisans. She emphasizes the importance of valuing what one has and forging relationships with the things created or found. This approach to sustainability can be transformative. It can lead to a greater appreciation for self-expression and cultural heritage.

Punk and Sustainability

Jolie identifies as punk and sees sustainability as a rebellion against the fast fashion industry. She believes sustainability is not just about reducing waste but about embracing a slower and more thoughtful approach to fashion.

Community and Solace

Jolie discussed the importance of community, and how finding solace in it was crucial. Her experiences in Japan, despite the language barrier, was enlightening. Angelina Jolie's feature in Vogue Japan highlights her multifaceted career. Also her growing involvement in sustainable fashion. The article showcases her appreciation for Japanese culture and craftsmanship and her thoughts on the importance of community and sustainability.

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