The Paradise Problem is a vacation romance you'll want to take on holiday

Christina Lauren serves the ultimate beach read with The Paradise Problem.
The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren. Image Credit to Gallery Books.
The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren. Image Credit to Gallery Books. /

When it comes to romance authors, there are some who just get you and for most of us, that’s Christina Lauren. The author duo is even changing things up, especially in The Paradise Problem.

While the career of Christina Lauren has spanned over a decade now, the duo has waffled between many different ideas. First, we got the steamy and smutty romps of their early works before moving on to some more closed-door titles before meeting in the middle now.

In a way, it feels like a cycle for these two, and frankly, I’ve been getting on and off this ride for years. Most recently though, their last few releases have been some of my favorites of the year so I had to make sure I reviewed The Paradise Problem.

I’d like to thank Gallery Books for reaching out to me and sending me an ARC so I was able to read and review this for you all.

The Paradise Problem is a vacation romance that will sweep you away.

As far as vacation romances go, Christina Lauren has written some of the best. If you’ve read The Unhoneymooners, you know and then they released The Honeymoon Crashers ahead of The Paradise Problem. Simply put if you need a vacation romance, don’t skip Christina Lauren.

With that being said, The Paradise Problem follows Anna who got married in college to West and it was a sham. The two never slept together or did anything but stayed married so they could both get the perks. Fast-forward to years down the road, West asks Anna to pretend to be his loving wife for his sister’s wedding as the two actually aren’t divorced as West said they were.

Since Anna is recently unemployed, she goes along with it, and the two end up, going to his sister’s wedding together. While it seems good at first, it’s clear West or Liam Weston’s family is terrible. Every day feels like survival of the fittest with words and these two are just trying to avoid being found out or worse, truly falling for each other.

While the book is incredibly fun, The Paradise Problem also features some heavy topics including strained familial relationships with West’s family, Anna’s sick father, and struggles with finding your place within your career. Even so, the setting and feeble attempts to ignore the sexual tension bubbling between them help to bring up some of the heavier moments.

I feel like Christina Lauren has truly hit their stride and these last few releases have been back-to-back winners. The Paradise Problem was no expectation and I truly cannot wait to see what they write next. Whether you’re looking for something to throw in your beach bag or just need something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, then The Paradise Problem is waiting.

The Paradise Problem by Christian Lauren is out now where books are sold.

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