The Girl in Question by Tess Sharpe: The sequel we've all been waiting for

The Girl in Question by Tess Sharpe
The Girl in Question by Tess Sharpe / Hachette Book Group

The Girl in Question by Tess Sharpe is the sequel to the amazing The Girls I've Been. In the first book, we meet Nora, her girlfriend Iris, and her best friend and ex-boyfriend Wes. Nora was born in a con. Her mother started her off from almost the day she was born, and she was only able to escape her mother and her abusive husband with the help of her sister and her own wits.

In the first book, she must use her skills to escape a bank robbery. In this book, she is up against that abusive husband (Raymond), nature, and her own tendency toward self-sacrifice.

I went into this book expecting great things: emotional storylines, amazing con work from Nora, and a beautifully written and deep story. I got all that and more. It's twisty and surprising and the relationships between Nora, Iris, Wes, and Lee (Nora's sister) are stronger than ever, but also couldn't be more fragile. It's perfection in every way. And in a way that Tess Sharpe does best.

The story weaves between timelines a bit, but not as much as the first book. We start with Nora, Wes, Iris, and Amanda (Wes's girlfriend) going on a camping/hiking trip. They will be dropping off Iris at her internship in the forest and then hiking the rest of the way back. It's supposed to be fun and a way to help with some of the heaviness from the bank robbery.

It is anything but fun. There are lots of secrets going around in this group, and probably the biggest one is that Amanda is not who she says she is, and Nora's past is coming back to bite her in two very distinct ways. The way Sharpe's mind had to work to create this story is truly spectacular.

The Girl in Question is a complex, action-packed story that pulls no punches

But besides Amanda, there is Raymond. He is out of prison, and everyone knows he's coming after Nora. She has his files on the worst of the worst of the people in power, and if she releases them, they will all come after him. So it's her life or his. My money is always on Nora.

Beyond trying to survive this trip, Nora must also deal with Wes's feelings of betrayal once he finds out the secret they are hiding from him and she must rescue a little girl and Amanda. It's even more action-packed than the first book, and that was a bank robbery! There are bullets, a machete named Jill, an epically lethal booby trap, and plenty of blood.

But while the action will have you turning the page, it's the relationships and the deep emotional development that make this series one of my favorites. Nora is possibly one of the most complex characters I have ever read and, as you can imagine, I read a lot. She is beautifully flawed and lovable whether she's putting her life on the line or giving Iris a locket necklace for prom. Because her vulnerability is something that doesn't come naturally to her, it means so much more.

This is also found family at it's very best. Wes, Nora, Lee, and Iris are all from abusive houses. The abuse came about in different ways, but it's what bonded them and what makes the care and love they show each other hit so deep for the reader.

And the ending...damn. Nora does not pull any punches, and neither does Sharpe. It's a perfect ending to this series. Although...I would never say no to another book.

The Girl in Question is available now in ebook, hardcover, paperback, and audiobook formats.