The Catch is an adorable conclusion to The Influencer series.

Amy Lea concludes The Influencer series perfectly with The Catch.

The Catch by Amy Lea. Image Credit to Berkley.
The Catch by Amy Lea. Image Credit to Berkley. /

Getting to the end of a series is bittersweet and that’s exactly how I feel about The Catch by Amy Lea.

Since the release of Set On You, I’ve been reading these books and frankly, I’ve been impressed every single time. Amy Lea just has something magical about her writing and within this series which makes me fall in love with it.

That’s why picking up The Catch felt so sad because having to say goodbye to these characters is hard. She’s done such a great job of making me feel like they’re my friends and wrapping the series up just feels so sad yet so exciting for Lea.

Of course, I have to thank Berkley for putting this one on my radar and making me fall in love with Amy Lea and her writing.

The Catch is a fun way to end The Influencer series.

I read and enjoyed the first two books in The Influencer series and I was anxious to finally read The Catch. This time, we’re following Melanie who is a fashion influencer who is struggling after the death of her dad, her mom taking over, and trying to take care of her brother. Plus she’s also trying to make ends meet as well.

It seems like Mel is finally catching a break when she’s given a chance to go on a dream trip for a week. Once she gets there, they let her know they have no room and she has to wait a week. It only gets worse as she can’t find a place to stay and goes to an Airbnb an hour and a half away where she meets Evan.

From the jump, these two immediately can’t stand each other as she thinks he’s a stoic douche and he believes she’s a vapid influencer. Through these unlikely circumstances, these two end up being embroiled in a fake dating scheme of epic proportions as a way for Evan to hopefully keep the inn where Mel is staying.

While the two aren’t comfortable with lying, they are almost too convincing and end up falling for each other in the process? The only issue is that Mel is leaving in a week and Evan has no places to relocate. Add in some meddling family members, plenty of good food and a chance at love, you’ll quickly fall in love with these two and their romance.

Aside from the romance, both of them are dealing with some past childhood trauma as Mel is still grieving the loss of her dad and taking care of her brother. Evan is trying to move past his guilt and grief due to the loss of his cousin. While the book is lighthearted, those topics weigh heavy on our characters so be aware of that if you plan on picking it up.

Overall though, The Catch is a lot of fun and a great way to end The Influencer series. You get that blend of seriousness and heart without sacrificing the humor. If you haven’t picked up this series yet, then this is a must-add to your 2024 TBR.

The Catch by Amy Lea is out now where books are sold.

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