The Big Door Prize: Season 2 Asks Who The People Of Deerfield Really Are

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Season one of The Big Door Prize was all about potential. What is this group of people truly capable of achieving? How does it differ from their daily ordinary lives? How do they respond to a card that takes on their peak at life or the worst thing they have ever done? While season one watched as everyone strived to take on their potential, season two took things a bit deeper.

While season two certainly uses potential and the Morpho Machine, the season's theme is more about seeing who this neighborhood's residents are as people and what they do with the potential they think they are meant to reach.

While to some, a look at the next stage is exciting or relieving, for most, it is a wake-up call they did not necessarily want, and it forces them to take a deeper look at themselves, their decisions, and their relationships.

The Big Door Prize capitalizes on the mystery of what comes next in life when everyone is willing to open their minds, support each other, and take a leap into the unknown to discover what comes next or help move on from past events.

Cass and Dusty's questions surrounding what it means to be happy individually and in a relationship pave the way for both of their storylines as they work toward trying to understand what the next step for them is. Giorgio remains a charismatic and energetic breath of fresh air as everyone asks deeper questions about their life.

The Big Door Prize continues its trend of supportive neighbors and friends who excitedly cheer each other on for taking steps to improve their lives, while acknowledging the hurt that can come from how people's steps forward can impact other people.

The show keeps things fun, embracing both the serious and enjoyable sides of humanity, while determining that you never stop growing up and learning more about yourself and what you are capable of.

Season two understands that one's potential is not necessarily literally what they are meant to achieve as it asks the characters to embrace new sides and experiences.

While keeping the fun-loving spirit and whimsical nature of the first season, season two also helps evolve the characters in their development by forcing them into situations that make them address things about their lives that they may never have given a second thought to had they never been exposed to the Morpho Machine.

Catch season 2 of The Big Door Prize on Apple TV+, premiering on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

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