The 7 biggest video game announcements from this past weekend

In this photo illustration, Alan Wake 2 logon - a game is...
In this photo illustration, Alan Wake 2 logon - a game is... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Video game announcements dominated the internet airwaves this weekend with Summer Game Fest, Day of the Devs, Future Games Show Summer Showcase, the Xbox Games Showcase, and the Ubisoft Forward event all taking place between June 7 and 10. And that's still glossing over a handful of other smaller events that took place, too!

And there's plenty to discuss. In no particular order, here are seven of our favorite announcements from the last four days of video game news!

Alan Wake 2 DLC: Night Springs release

We already knew Remedy was going to give us an update on the first Alan Wake 2 DLC, Night Springs, and we had an inkling that we wouldn't have to wait long. Sure enough, Sam Lake did a fun little "Herald of Darkness" dance intro, announced the DLC available to download Saturday, announced a deluxe physical edition of the game and then peaced out like it was no big deal.

The DLC is three episodes of "Night Springs," the Twilight Zone spinoff show. It is three of Alan Wake's attempts to write himself out of the Dark Place, and they each take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. If you didn't buy the deluxe edition when Alan Wake 2 came out last year, you can grab these and the future DLC "The Lake House" that releases in October on sale for $16.

Deeper look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Troy Baker is absolutely killing it with his Indiana Jones voice, so much so that you barely even register that it's not Harrison Ford and you're not actively thinking about the voice at all.

This trailer is definitely story-heavy and Nazi-heavy, but it really seems to have the Indy vibe nailed. Still no official release date yet aside from 2024, but this look has us even more excited for its release.

It'll be interesting to see how they spin switching from first person POV to third person POV mid-playing, too.

Another trailer for Avowed

We are still hoping this is going to be Obsidian's Skyrim. And while this new trailer didn't give us a release date, it did give us a bit more information about this fantasy world's factions and the chaos that reigns.

There's still no official release date aside from late 2024, so we'll just keep hanging tight for more information.

Gears of War: E-Day

Everyone hoped, but didn't really think we'd hear anything about Gears of War's return. But we did!

Gears of War: E-Day is a prequel that's set during the earliest days of the Locust invasion and with original protagonist Marcus Fenix. There's not much to go on with this trailer, since it's just an in-engine cinematic, but it still has us hyped as heck to see this series get back to its roots.

South of Midnight got some gameplay reveal

This one piqued our interest with its first trailer last year at an Xbox Showcase that gave us Robert Johnson vibes. And Xbox's showcase from this weekend gave us a bit of the gameplay. It looks pretty interesting and the stop-motion animation definitely gives it a different edge.

Perfect Dark reboot reveal!

Welcome back to Perfect Dark. We were excited to see this one see the light of day. Heavily rumored since 2018 and officially announced at the Game Awards in 2020, it was nice to see a flashy trailer and a fresh look at Joanna Dark with some gameplay, as we've loved this series since the first game on the N64.

Everholm looks like the cutest, chillest RPG

Everholm seems to dive deep into being a "cozy game" just from this new trailer. It's an open-ended, minimalist RPG where you play as Lilly looking for your lost sister on Everholm. But as your memories fade, the townspeople still seem to know all about you and your search.

This game is set to release on December 20, and you can download a free demo right now!

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There were plenty of other game announcements from this past weekend. What did we miss that you're excited about? Let us know in the comments!