SweeTARTS MEGA Rope will have you twisted up all spring

SweeTARTS’ Latest Innovation Hits the Candy Aisle. Image Credit to SweeTARTS.
SweeTARTS’ Latest Innovation Hits the Candy Aisle. Image Credit to SweeTARTS. /

With spring officially underway, a lot of brands are adding new innovations and that's exactly what SweeTARTS did with the new SweetTARTS MEGA Rope.

When most people think of SweeTARTs, they think of the little discs you pop in your mouth, chew, and enjoy the tart and sweet flavors. This time though, the brand added some even more portable and honestly super easy to munch on.

The SweeTARTS MEGA Rope is described best in the press release: "Available in the popular classic SweeTARTS Ropes flavor – Twisted Rainbow Punch – each fun, soft, and chewy bite features a perfectly powerful union of delicious, vibrant fruit punch flavors with a deliciously tart filling to match." I don't know about you but that's enough to entice me into trying out.

The thing I love most about this new product is that it's individually wrapped. You don't have to worry about sharing it as you can enjoy the entire thing yourself. That makes it easy to snack while you're busy or to satisfy all your cravings for sweet and tart this spring.

The SweeTARTS MEGA Rope is now a permanent addition.

For those who are wondering where the MEGA rope comes in, it's due to the fact that there is even more tart filling on the inside of each rope. While this pairing might not be everyone's cup of tea, SweeTARTS has been a long-time favorite candy and you might be surprised by how many different varieties there are.

Since SweeTARTS MEGA Rope is the newest addition, we'll start there as it's a mega-sized snack for those who want more than what the SweeTARTS Rope gave us. You can even enjoy snack-sized rope bites if your appetite cannot be sated with just one. For those wanting something to chew on, SweeTARTS has different "chewy" products including Giant Chewy SweeTARTS, Extreme Sour Chewy SweeTARTS, and even Chewy Fusion products which are chewy and crunchy.

Next is the SweeTARTS Gummies Fruity Splitz which are fruit-flavored gummys from the brand. Last but not least, there is also the original SweeTARTS which are the discs I described earlier. With the addition of the new SweeTARTS MEGA Rope, the brand has truly cornered all markets. There is truly something for every single SweeTARTS fan out there.

Will you be grabbing some SweeTARTS MEGA Ropes this spring? Let us know your favorite SweeTARTS product!

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