St. Patrick's Day: 6 romances with green covers to read

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with these romance books.

Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley. Image Credit to Canary Street Press.
Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley. Image Credit to Canary Street Press. /

St. Patrick's Day falls every year on March 17th and sadly, this year, it falls on Sunday. What's better to do on a relaxing Sunday, though? Read some romance books.

Wait, maybe that's my ideal Sunday. Either way, I wanted to find a way to tie this into my love for romance books so why not show some love to romances with green covers? We don't get many St. Patrick's Day romances after all.

Then again, that's a post for another day, but I wanted to give these books some love and maybe you'll find a new one to enjoy. All in all, this post is more fun than anything so if you're looking for recs based on covers, we've got you.

Even if you're just looking for something new to pick up, then you'll hopefully be able to find something that will put a smile on your face this St. Patrick's Day.

See these 6 romances with green covers for St. Patty's Day.

Cover Kilt Trip
Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley. Image Credit to Canary Street Press. /

1. Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley

Since this is a release we've recently covered, I won't go into too much detail. However when I first had the idea for this post, this book was the first to come to mind. The story follows Addie and Logan who meet under false pretenses. Once they figure out how they're connected, the dislike is there but so is the attraction. From there, it's a story about figuring out what you want, visiting Scotland and finding a place to call home.

2. Half A Soul by Olivia Atwater

Another green romance book that came to mind first was Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater. While I normally don't read fantasy romance, this one was described as Pride & Prejudice meets Howl's Moving Castle so I decided to pick it up.

This romance follows Dora who doesn't feel like other people and it's her cousin's mission to try to "fix" her. Her cousin's grand plan is to introduce her to the Lord Sorcier and maybe he can help her but the two immediately don't hit it off. They end up becoming friends and it eventually goes from there. If you're looking for whimsical slow-burn romance, I highly recommend Half a Soul.

3. Business Not As Usual by Sharon C. Cooper

The next romance is one I rarely hear people talk about and that's sad because Business Not As Usual is so much fun. This book is about Dreamy Daniels who is manifesting being a lottery winner and Karter who is an investor, looking to work with the company she is employed by. Aside from having that adorable green cover, this book is a Black love story and gives us a taste of what we're all hoping for.

ONLY WHEN IT'S US - Cover Image
Only When It's Us by Chloe Liese. Image Courtesy of Berkley. /

4. Only When It's Us by Chloe Liese

Next up is Only When It's Us by Chloe Liese. This made the list for a few reasons other than just having a green cover. Of course, there's no denying just how gorgeous the cover is. However, this is also the start of the Bergman Brothers series and with the final book coming out in April, some might be looking to get their hands on this one.

In addition, the series got new covers after being picked up by Berkley so it's worth showing off for that.

5. Fancy Meeting You Here by Julie Tieu

If you haven't realized this by now, I love Julie Tieu and I always want to get her more readers. Due to that, I'm featuring Fancy Meeting You Here again. This is a romance between Elise, who is an overworked florist/bridesmaid, and Ben, her best friend's brother. While it seems unlikely at first, these two do end up falling for each other and it's so dang good.

Plus this book does focus a lot on female friendships and the importance of feeding and nourishing them. All in all if you haven't picked this one up yet, then don't make me recommend it one more time!

Last Call at the Local
Last Call at the Local by Sarah Grunder Ruiz. Image Credit to Berkley. /

6. Last Call at the Local by Sarah Grunder Ruiz

Last but not least, the other romance book I thought of immediately was Last Call at the Local by Sarah Grunder Ruiz. This was released in January 2024 and it follows Raine who is a traveling musician that gets into a bit of a pickle. After criticizing a local pub, the owner hires her to help out and the two end up forming a relationship. This book is equal parts hard-hitting and soft, making for a fun story with some good stakes and a great romance.

Next. Kilt Trip is a romance you'll want to take on spring break. Kilt Trip is a romance you'll want to take on spring break. dark