Snowpiercer Saved! AMC To Air Dystopian Show's Final Season

Snowpiercer Season 3 -- Courtesy of Robert Falconer/TNT
Snowpiercer Season 3 -- Courtesy of Robert Falconer/TNT /

Over a year following TNT's decision not to air Snowpiercer's already-filmed and complete fourth season, audiences will finally get the opportunity to see how the dystopian drama ends. AMC has picked up Snowpiercer's final season to air in early 2025.

Snowpiercer's third season left off with Layton and Melanie each taking their respective halves of Snowpiercer's residents in separate directions. Layton brought his group to a supposedly warmer section of Earth, where there is hope they could survive on land. Meanwhile, Melanie kept the train's course going around the world.

TNT's decision not to air the show's final season left many questions up in the air and was frustrating for big fans of the show who were waiting for the highly anticipated fourth installment to the series.

AMC's decision to save the show will give audiences closure for these characters that TNT had let go of before their time. However, there is also another benefit for fans with AMC+.

AMC+'s streaming service will now take on Snowpiercer as a part of their library of shows, which will allow the show's first three seasons to appear on AMC+ later this year, and then the fourth season to follow in 2025.

While Mr. Wilford's villain arc has been somewhat overused and repetitive throughout the second and third seasons, even with what appeared like a victory against him in season three, more episodes ahead could still have their be one final battle between Layton, Melanie, and Wilford.

Is the Earth safe and survivable on land? What would a new society look like if there could once again be a future on land and outside the confines of the train? Snowpiercer's fourth season will likely deliver those answers and more, and now, viewers can finally see how the story truly ends for everyone on the journey.

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