Selena Gomez might not tour again (When was Selena Gomez's last tour?)

Selena Gomez might not tour again but when was her last tour?
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Selena Gomez is a force on her own. She honestly does it all from acting, cooking and singing among many other things.

As busy as she is, fans are always clamoring for more music from her. Frankly, I can see why because I adored her 2020 album: Rare. It feels like it went totally under the radar but I absolutely adore it.

Despite all the fan excitement for new music, Gomez isn't sure she's going to tour again. In an article shared by Deadline, Gomez was quoted as saying: "It is very emotionally draining for me. And then you realize you’re just surrounded by a bunch of people that you’re paying..." In addition, it was noted that Gomez was undergoing a lot with her dealing with lupus in addition to depression and anxiety.

Even if Gomez decides not to tour again, we'll always have the memories of her previous tours and her music to soothe the sting. Given how beloved "Single Soon" was upon its release, I'm sure most of us are just excited to get more music from her.

When was Selena Gomez's last tour?

Selena Gomez
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For those who are curious, Selena Gomez hasn't toured in almost a decade. The last time she toured was her Revival Tour. This was in 2016 and it's crazy to think about the fact that it's almost been a decade since she toured. The Revival Tour was also in celebration of her album: Revival being released which makes sense.

The openers for that tour included some talented people including the Joe Jonas-led DNCE, Bea Miller, Tyler Shaw, and Charlie Puth. Since then, Gomez released 2020's Rare which I've mentioned is one of my favorite albums of hers. She has also released some other one-off songs including "My Mind & Me," "Love On" and "Single Soon."

Even if Selena Gomez decides not to tour again, I'd love to get another album from her. "Single Soon" was an incredibly fun single and one I'd love to see featured on an album. While she's now in a relationship with Benny Blanco, I feel the song is still a fun one and is more about being silly than actually being single per say. Maybe that's just me, but I'd love to see her perform it on tour.

Whether Selena Gomez decides to tour again or not, I think we can all agree that she's pretty much booked and busy. Truly, there is no one who deserves it more than her so I'm excited for Selena's future with or without new music from her.

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