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Deadpool & Wolverine | Official Trailer | In Theaters July 26
Deadpool & Wolverine | Official Trailer | In Theaters July 26 / Marvel Entertainment

Hours ago, the official trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine was dropped from Marvel Entertainment, and the theatrical release date is only months away. What a way to begin the week, especially on Monday. However, the official trailer reveals more about the story from the teaser that was released 2 months ago.

The synopsis stated according to IMDb, "Wolverine is recovering from his injuries when he crosses paths with the loudmouth, Deadpool. They team up to defeat a common enemy."

The trailer begins inside a low-lit bar with a bartender speaking to the person seated in the bar about how he's not welcome here and anywhere. In a closeup of Logan's (Hugh Jackman) face asking for another drink Deadpool's (Ryan Reynolds) jokingly says, "Hi, Peanut!" and Logan declines to come with him after Deadpool asks.

In a Deadpool fashion after lifting Logan from the stool, Logan brings out a small silver piece of his claws as Deadpool claps back in response to Logan's claws reveal. In a classic Deadpool move, he pulls out a gun and put it to Logan's forehead to reconsider.

(L-R): Hugh Jackman as Wolverine/Logan and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool/Wade Wilson in 20th Century Studios/Marvel Studios' DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios/Marvel Studios. © 2024 20th Century Studios / © and ™ 2024 MARVEL. /

There are photos online revealing Jackman wearing a comic book-accurate yellow Wolverine costume that appeared in the 1990s animated series next to Reynolds's Deadpool. In comparison to the teaser, the trailer shows Wolverine/Logan and Wade/Deadpool as a frenemy turn-buddy comedy. Most revealing is that the new Deadpool movie refers to Logan/Wolverine's past as an X-Men and the MCU.

Within 1:15 minutes the trailer shows Wolverine and Deadpool walking in slow-motion outside of the streets in costume ready for battle. A song plays, hyping the anticipation of what is to be expected once Deadpool and Wolverine are released in theaters on July 28, 2024.

How excited are you for Deadpool and Wolverine? What is something you noticed from the trailer that was missed? Leave a comment!

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