Savor It is an enchanting romance from Tarah DeWitt

Savor It by Tarah DeWitt. Image Credit to St. Martin's Griffin.
Savor It by Tarah DeWitt. Image Credit to St. Martin's Griffin. /

Tarah DeWitt has been an author I’ve been eyeing for years so when I was offered an ARC of Savor It, I couldn't say no.

Thus far, DeWitt has truly run the gambit when it comes to romance releases. She’s written a ton of different types of contemporaries including her most popular, Funny Feelings, and others such as Rootbound and The Co-Op.

However, Savor It is DeWitt’s first traditionally published romance novel that wasn’t originally self-published. Due to that, I knew I had to finally give her a chance and honestly, I was not expecting this book in the slightest.

Despite the book being titled Savor It, I didn’t know how much I’d want to gobble this one up so I’d like to thank St. Martin’s Griffin for sending me an ARC.

Savor It is a truly delectable romance from Tarah DeWitt.

Tarah DeWitt has truly been all over the map but nothing is holding a handle to Spunes, Oregon which is where Savor It is set. In this small-town romance, we’re following Sage, a school teacher on summer break who is trying to feel happier and stronger after a horrible breakup.

Then we have Fisher, a hotshot NYC chef who moved to Spunes as a restaurant consultant for a new location, opening in town. While it seems unlikely at first, Fisher and Sage soon become friends. Of course, neither of them is without baggage as Sage is dealing with the loss of her parents and Fisher is dealing with a struggling career, the loss of his sister, and raising his teenage niece.

Despite all the baggage between these two, Sage and Fisher end up having a blissful romance. It’s clear they’re working to be better and want to love each other so badly. It’s truly amazing to watch the two of them fall so hard for each other. Coupled with the fact that they’re partners for the town’s festival competition, they have no choice but to get closer and closer.

Savor It truly lived up to its name as the romance was something I couldn’t help but want to sip on slowly. I loved seeing these two slowly but surely deny their feelings before falling for each other, harder than they could have imagined. Then you also have Sage’s farm full of animals and the unlikely romance between Fisher’s niece and Sage’s nephew.

To put it simply, I don’t have enough words to talk about how much I enjoyed this book. As someone who recently moved from a small town to a city, this book felt like a warm hug. I loved seeing all of the townspeople, the close familial relationships, and all those little quirks that make you love a small-town romance.

If anything, Savor It proved that Tarah DeWitt is an author I’ve been missing out on and I can’t wait to read more from. I can only hope that we get more books set in this world as I already have a few characters I’m hoping end up together. Until then, you can now pick up Savor It and enjoy it as slowly as you’d like.

Savor It by Tarah DeWitt is out now where books are sold.

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