Samsung TV Plus shares its Spring programming lineup

The spring lineup for Samsung TV Plus is packed full of some gems.
Samsung TV Plus Spring Programming. Image Credit to Samsung TV Plus.
Samsung TV Plus Spring Programming. Image Credit to Samsung TV Plus. /

There are so many great streaming services and it's even better when it's included on your TV. That's exactly how Samsung TV Plus is.

Whether you have a Samsung at home or enjoy using it at your favorite person's house, it's worth checking out. That's why I'm so excited to share some of the brand's spring lineup.

We're talking about all the different channels that were recently added and there's a bit of something for everyone no matter your age so let's break them down. First up is the PBS Antiques Roadshow which is a channel dedicated to the series.

You can enjoy episodes upon episodes, looking at some of the best antiques or items you'd likely never see anywhere else. Given how much focus people have on sourcing antique items, I feel like this is a channel that all ages can enjoy.

Samsung TV Plus also added a few more exciting channels.

For spring, Samsung TV Plus added a few informational channels. Starting things off is The First US whose tagline is: "Free Speech,No Excuses." Some of the people you'll see on that channel are Bill O'Reilly, Dana Loesch and Mike Slater. You can watch tune into the BBC News channel which is exactly as it sounds. It's full of breaking news and all sorts of stories you can learn more about.

Moving onto two channels from HISTORY, you can enjoy Pawn Stars by History which is showing episodes of all kinds from the series. There is also The Curse of Oak Island by History which follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they work to find out more about Oak Island. These two shows have been around for a while so it only makes that they would get these channels.

Another adult option is the Crime 24/7 channel. This channel features every single angle you might imagine when it comes to crime. As shared via the brand: "Crime 24/7 gives incredible access to the real stories of the justice system. Get immersed in these true crime tales and witness every unflinching moment." As a shameless millennial who enjoys true crime, I can get behind this channel.

If you enjoy the Crime 24/7 channel, you might also like the Mysteries Xplored channel. This is all about investigators and experts, trying to solve mysteries. Of course, that also includes cover-ups which is something people are alway thinking of. As far as options go for this spring, there are so many good channels to try out.

Last but not least, the final channel is for the kids and that's Caillou. While the 4-year-old has made some enemies of parents, kids enjoy the show so I had to show this channel some love. While the series has sort of fallen by the wayside as of late, it's still a popular one.

All in all, spring has truly sprung for Samsung TV Plus as all of these new channels have their audience and specific niche. Of course, I'd love to know what you'll be streaming on Samsung TV Plus this spring.

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