Robert Downey Jr Expresses His Thoughts on Margot Robbie Not Getting Enough Credit For 'Barbie'

The Oppenheimer Star at the SAG Awards shares his views on one spectacular scene in particular.
7th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
7th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

The Barbie vs Oppenheimer crossover has been one of the most iconic social media trends the internet has ever seen. It is without any doubt, how successful both the films have been commercially, receiving widespread recognition from all across the world.

It was only when Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig did not receive Oscar nominations, leading to louder conversations on social media, drawing considerable attention over the Award Season. The suspected snubs- Margot Robbie for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Greta Gerwig for Best Director have been a cause for immense outrage among the fans.

While fans continue to express their discontentment all over social media, Robert Downey Jr shares his thoughts about Margot Robbie's Performance in Barbie in a conversation for the SAG AFTRA Foundation. The Oppenheimer Actor during a friendly chat with his fellow SAG Award nominees, Sterling K. Brown and Willem Dafoe said that Margot Robbie isn't getting the credit she deserves for her work in the film. The conversation gradually steered towards how little actors need to do on screen to bring out such effective performances. 

This led to RDJ mentioning the brilliance of one scene in particular where America Ferrera delivers a monologue in one act play which she absolutely nails.  But for RDJ, what brought more substance and depth to the scene was how silently Robbie listened to the entire speech as though she had been listening to it for the first time. He details how spectacular the scene was all together and how it never fails to impress him. A speech so powerful is bound to get noticed but the moments of silence equally make the scene as effective as it is, he explains.

Downey Jr had his praise for both the women who sold the scene so incredibly, expressing how Margot Robbie outshines herself through her performance. On the other hand, Margot's co-stars Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera who received Oscar nominations for supporting roles expressed their disappointment with the Academy for not nominating the two people ideally responsible for the making of such a globally celebrated film.

Barbie received a total of 8 Oscar nominations with Margot nominated as a Producer for the Best Film and Greta Gerwig landing one for Best Adapted Screenplay. Upon being asked, Robbie has the most humble reply saying that there is no way for her to feel sad and that she felt blessed to produce a film that received 8 Oscar nominations.

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