Readers are flocking to Katee Robert and it goes beyond their books

If you're loving Katee Robert, you're not alone as evidenced by a recent signing.

Midnight Ruin by Katee Robert. Image Credit to Sourcebooks Casablanca.
Midnight Ruin by Katee Robert. Image Credit to Sourcebooks Casablanca. /

Sometimes when you meet favorite authors, you have so many expectations and hopes for what could be. Thankfully, Katee Robert blew every single hope and dream I had out the window.

Let's backtrack for a moment and talk about my relationship with Katee Robert. I began reading this author in 2020 and since then, I truly have not stopped. I've been devouring a lot of their series including Wicked Villains, A Touch of Taboo, and of course, Dark Olympus.

To say I love Katee Robert and their work would be an understatement. Despite how massive their backlist is, I want to tackle it. That's why I was so excited to get a chance to chat with Katee and really learn more about them, and their books along with some other things I can't share just yet.

Whether you've just picked up your first Katee Robert book or have read over 20 of their books, then meeting them will make you want to pick up more. Trust me.

Katee Robert is an unmatched voice in the romance genre.

When it comes to being a romance reader, there are so many different genres and topics you can read about. For most of those, you have Katee Robert as long as you're cool with a little spice. If you're not, that's cool but you're probably not interested in their books either way.

Since the signing was focused on the Dark Olympus series including Midnight Ruin, this series has truly become one fans have loved. Beginning with Neon Gods as Hades x Persephone story, Robert quickly ensnared readers and from that point, all of us were hooked. Given that Midnight Ruin is book 6, it's clear a lot of people are in deep.

Given that the signing ended up including almost 400 people, it's clear the world has gotten the memo about Katee Robert and their brilliance. In writing those books, they have truly managed to hook readers while also playing to all sides. Ultimately, Robert has written a Greek myth retelling with some BDSM elements, a dash of fantasy romance, and a compelling plot which has become an overarching theme throughout the entire series.

In seeing all of the people who came out to see Robert, readership is all over the place. There were people of all different ages and genders who wanted their book signed, wanted a picture, or just wanted to say hello or thank you. It was truly unlike anything I had ever seen before and remains something I'll never forget as it was obvious that Katee Robert meant as much to them as they do to me.

The signing also put into perspective just how vast not only Robert but the romance community has become. People were bringing the Dark Olympus series along with other favorites and even purchasing some to take home. It felt so surreal to see such a large outpouring of love and support for Katee Robert which just felt like a huge warm hug to me.

Even though I did attend most of the signing, the best part for me was getting a chance to meet Katee a little early and pick their brain. I was charmed from the very start as Katee was decked out in a suit with a green mesh top underneath, looking so effortlessly cool. Then again, I couldn't picture them looking anything but cool so that was just inevitable.

Katee Robert ended up being so much more than I had imagined. They spoke about their books, some of their recent reads, and talked about their process which blew me away. There is just something utterly magnetic about their presence. I feel like I'm gushing but I truly couldn't help but be blown away by Katee, the Sourcebooks team, and Books-A-Million in Columbia, MD as everything went off without a hitch.

If anything, meeting Katee and hearing them talk gave me all the incentive I needed to get caught up on their backlist and continue to wax poetic about their books. Meeting Katee Robert is an experience I'll never forget and as my second-ever book signing, it was overwhelming in the best way.

Whether you're a newbie to Katee Robert or have been reading their books for years, I urge you to make plans to go see them on tour. It's truly an experience you won't want to miss. Plus it'll make you want to read or re-read some of their works which is part of the joy of being a reader. As mentioned again, I'd like to thank Katee Robert, the Sourcebooks team (Pam), and Books-A-Million for being so wonderful and welcoming to me.

Midnight Ruin by Katee Robert is out now where books are sold.

Be sure to let me know what your favorite Katee Robert book is and your thoughts on Midnight Ruin as it's a book I have SO many thoughts on!

Midnight Ruin is a fresh and sexy installment in the Dark Olympus series. dark. Next. Midnight Ruin is a fresh and sexy installment in the Dark Olympus series