Raising Cane's deserves all the hype and here's why

Raising Cane's is getting some major love lately and we understand why.
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LA Dodgers' Mookie Betts Makes "Shortstop" at Raising Cane's Ahead of Opening Day, Receives $100K / Phillip Faraone/GettyImages

You know that you're a place with good food when the person you're dining with looks over and says "Hey, we should get a box to go," and that's exactly what happened during my first trip to Raising Cane's with my significant other.

While I had previously covered the unveiling of the Post Malone x Dallas Cowboys Raising Cane's in Dallas, that was my first time, trying the chain. As much excitement as there was, I feel like I ate my food and promptly got in line at the airport.

Going into a regular Raising Cane's is one of those things that felt different but in a good way. That's why I wanted to share my experience and why I think Raising Cane's deserves all the hype it gets. Of course, I'd like to thank Raising Cane's PR for both giving me cards for free box combos and for sending me an e-gift card.

However, let me be honest and say that we both took box combos home that we paid for with our own money so the Raising Cane's was just too good to not put some money in their pockets.

Raising Cane's is hyped and it deserves all the praise and more.

Let me start by saying that Raising Cane's is one of those places where you feel valued as a customer. From the first moment we got in there, the staff was friendly and our food came out so quick that we barely had time to find a table. There's just something so nice about getting food that you know is fresh and being able to enjoy it with the person you love.

The other reason why I wanted to go see another Raising Cane's was because of the decor. For those who have seen the Post Malone x Dallas Cowboys Cane's, you'll know that the decor is very Cowboys and Post Malone heavy. However in the Maryland location we went to, there was plenty of love for Raising Cane's but also plenty of Baltimore Orioles, Ravens and Towson love to go around which was just awesome to see.

While some might bemoan the chain's lack of items, I feel like Raising Cane's knows what's good and it sticks to that. Considering that we both got box combos and finished them both, it's obvious to me that Raising Cane's perfected its plate. The chicken tenders were crispy and fresh. The fries were fresh and the bread was perfectly toasted. Plus the ability to be able to swap out any item you don't want for another is just genius. As a picky eater, I can happily say that Raising Cane's truly won my heart with that one as I swapped my coleslaw for another bread.

However, the star of the show is the Cane's Sauce. The thing I found most hilarious was that my boyfriend asked me to describe it and I basically said tangy, sweet, and peppery which isn't a good description at all. Eventually, I just told him that he'd have to try it, and considering we came home with 6 extra cups, I think he understood.

As good as the food was and the general atmosphere, nothing could hold a candle to being able to share this with someone I love. Seeing him love it as much as I do was so rewarding. Plus I got to humble brag a little bit about seeing Post Malone and Todd Graves. I mean there was a picture of Todd on the wall so I feel like I earned that one.

Ultimately, Raising Cane's isn't just about the Cane's sauce, the food, or the atmosphere. It's about being able to share something with the people you hold dear, have conversations and just enjoy your time together. I might be waxing poetically a bit but Raising Cane's is a place I've come to hold dear in my heart. I'm so excited to see what the chain does next and who will be popping up as their next guest cashier.

Are you a fan of Raising Cane's? Be sure to let us know your favorite order!

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