Pluto TV brings back its Summer of Cinema Campaign for 2024

Celebrate the Summer of Cinema with Pluto TV.
Pluto TV Supports Independent Theaters With “Summer of Cinema” Campaign. Image Credit to Pluto TV.
Pluto TV Supports Independent Theaters With “Summer of Cinema” Campaign. Image Credit to Pluto TV. /

Pluto TV has had some amazing campaigns in the past and now, the brand is bringing back Summer of Cinema in 2024. This time, they're working with independent theaters to make going to the movies even more fun.

Let's start with the campaign and what its focus is. The Summer of Cinema is all about enjoying the movie-going experience. The press release from the brand goes into even more detail: "The service has partnered with 14 family-run and independent theaters to provide moviegoers with free tickets, giveaways, and theater activities to honor the magic of cinema and inspire patrons to support local and historic theaters." I don't know about you, but that sounds amazing.

Thankfully, these locations are scattered all across the country with its first stop being Gardena Cinema in Los Angeles, CA on June 8-9 before heading to Water Gardens in Pleasant Grove, UT from June 21-22. Then there is the Roslyn Theater in Roslyn, WA on June 22-23, and then the Texas Theater in Dallas, TX on June 29-30. As you can see, these theaters are all on the West Coast or the Southern US but that's just the first part of the Summer of Cinema stops.

Moving into July, the Tampa Theatre in Tampa, FL will be part of the campaign on July 6-7. Then there is The Independent in Charlotte, NC on July 20-21 and the Star Theatre in Berkley Springs, WV on July 27-28 which also falls on the same date as Next Act Cinema in Pikesville, MD. Last but not least, there is the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA from August 3-4, Stuart Cinema and Cafe in Brooklyn, NY on August 10-11, the Capitol Theatre in Arlington, MA on August 17-18, the Redford Theatre in Detroit, MI on August 24-25 and lastly, the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, IL on August 31-September 1st.

Pluto TV's Summer of Cinema is just beginning.

Pluto TV Supports Independent Theaters With “Summer of Cinema” Campaign. Image Credit to Pluto TV. /

As you can see from all the dates featured above, Pluto TV is showing some love to independent theatres all over the country. While movie theaters don't get as much love as in the past, they're something to be treasured. There is no better feeling than walking into a theater to see a movie with your popcorn and soda, knowing you're in for a good time.

However for those who aren't able to make it to the theater, then Pluto TV has the perfect solution which is their own Summer of Cinema as the platform has so many amazing movies to check out. In June, some of the titles being added are 2007's Transformers, 1996's Mission Impossible, and Tropic Thunder to name a few. I've always been such a huge fan of Pluto TV and the Summer of Cinema proves just how awesome the brand is.

Whether you're someone who is headed out for one of Pluto TV's Summer of Cinema events or just want to enjoy some movies at home, Pluto TV is there and free. I feel like we don't appreciate just how awesome it is for Pluto TV to be free. There are so many great movies and shows so if you're on the hunt for something to cool you off this summer, don't sleep on Pluto TV and its Summer of Cinema.

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