Planning a summer road trip? Bring along these 6 snacks.

If you're looking for some road trip snacks, we've got you covered for summer.
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Summer is all about having fun and going on adventures. Of course, going on a road trip feels like an American pastime and there's nothing like some good road trip snacks.

Whether you're driving or playing the role of passenger princess, you want to make sure you're fueled up on food and gas. Of course, you also can't forget about the road trip playlist, but that's a post for another day.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great options for those wanting something crunchy or wanting a cool treat. Aside from making sure you get there safely, most of us are just hoping we don't have to make that many stops.

Either way, I wanted to share 6 snacks that are perfect for bringing along on your next road trip or even if you're just stocking up on some new snacks while the kids are at home, this summer.

These 6 snacks are perfect for your summer road trip.

Let me start with a hack that could end up being a great choice if you're bringing kids along. This first one is actually a drink but kind of a snack and that's Capri Sunsicles. To make it, you have to have a Capri Sun and a popsicle stick. From there, you hold your Capri Sun upside down, cut a half-inch slit, put the popsicle stick in, and then let it freeze stick side up for at least four hours. From there, all you have to do is flip it up, cut the top off, and there you have your Capri Sunsicle. This could be a great one to do the night before you leave so you can stay cool during the trip.

Goldfish Snack Packs_1
Goldfish Cheddar On-the-Go Snack Packs Image. Image Credit to Pepperidge Farm. /

For this next snack, there's nothing better than having some small packs to pass around. If you're bringing kids on your road trip, you know how important having these are. I haven't traveled with my niece and nephew on a road trip yet but I can see these being a lifesaver. Of course, we're talking about the Goldfish Cheddar On-the-Go Snack Packs. Each pack comes with 6 bags, making it easy to put in small hands and still keep your eyes on the road.

Kettle Brand Snack Packs_2
Kettle Brand Potato Chips Variety Pack. Image Credit to Campbell's. /

In keeping with the easy road trip snacking, I had to feature the variety pack from Kettle Brand. If you've ever tried Kettle Brand chips before, these are dangerous. Featuring three classic flavors with Backyard Barbeque, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Sea Salt, there is something for everyone. While the kids might skip out on the Sea Salt & Vinegar chips, it just means more for you. Either way, these are perfect for just throwing in the car if you're wanting something to crunch on while on the road.

ONE Reeses PB and Cookies n Creme Bars
ONE Reese's Peanut Butter and Cookies 'n Creme Bars - credit Reese's /

The next one is for those who are either planning on very few stops or those who aren't traveling more than a few hours. With that being said, I had to include the two new offerings from ONE which are the REESE'S Peanut Butter Lovers Flavored Protein Bar and HERSHEY's Cookies 'N' Creme Flavored Protein Bar. I don't know about you, but these are two of my favorite candies and to see Hershey's give them to us in protein form?! Sign me the heck up.

Dunkin' S'mores Donut #3
Dunkin' S'mores Donut #3 - credit: Dunkin' /

When I think of some road trip snacks, sometimes I think about stopping during your road trip and no road trip is complete with a Dunkin' run. That's why I had to include Dunkin's new S'mores Donut. I recently tried this and really enjoyed it. A marshmallow-filled donut featuring chocolate icing and graham cracker crumbles, this feels like the ultimate summer treat. If you haven't picked one of these up yet, then you need to grab one during your next trip.

Moving onto the final snack, I wanted to go with another savory option as most of the road trip snacks on this list have been sweets. Of course, you can't go wrong with anything made by Cheez-It and since the Hidden Valley Ranch Cheez-Its are sold out, I decided to share two options. First is the Cheez-It Snap'd Sharp White Cheddar are thin and crunchy and the Cheez-It Extra Crunchy which give you the same classic Cheez-It flavor with that extra crunch.

Whether you're grabbing snacks while on the road or packing some ahead, there is truly nothing like being out on the open road and enjoying the sights.

What are some of your favorite road trip snacks? Be sure to let us know!

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