Pedigree Gets That Pets Are The Best And Proves It With "Love At First Sight" Campaign

Pedigree's Love at First Sight Image. Image credit to Kate Dryden.
Pedigree's Love at First Sight Image. Image credit to Kate Dryden. /

It is not a secret to humans that pets are their greatest friends, allies, and family members. Dog owners will argue that puppies are a person's best friend. Always excited to see you, at least at the food bowl anyway, there is no greater joy than spending playing fetch with your dog.

To acknowledge the never-ending beautiful connection that come a dog owner's connection to their dog, Pedigree is partnering up with MeetCutesNYC to celebrate the immediate connection and meet-cute between a person and their dogs.

Love at first sight is a beautiful story when told between a human and their pet, and tends to be one of the foundations of a lifelong relationship between the duo. Pedigree wants people to know that is possible to find at your local shelter.

If you adopt a dog between June 7th and June 9th at any qualifying shelters or rescues, can submit your adoption receipt by July 10th, you have a chance to be reimbursed for your adoption fee.

According to the official press release, here is what a member of the creative group of MeetCutesNYC stated,

""We're passionate about sharing heartwarming meet-cute stories and have made it our mission to deliver hope and wisdom through the lens of couples from all walks of life. We're so excited to partner with the PEDIGREE brand to not only document the love stories of adopted dogs, spotlighting the positive impact on humans and dogs alike, but inspiring people to look for love in unsuspecting places like your local shelter.""

Aaron Feinberg

To anyone who is not already a pet owner, always remember to treat your dogs or cats with respect and love, as they are deserving of the most love you can give them.

To anyone who already has a strong bond with their dog and is interested in expanding your family, or giving your growing puppy a playmate, Pedigree is giving you the opportunity to do that entirely covered by them.

So get out there and find one of the greatest loves of your life in your next puppy or dog. Your emotional investment will add positives to your life and theirs.

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