Parade launches its Rebel Revival collection and it's gorgeous

Parade is making sure you'll feel sexy on outside with its new collection.
Parade Rebel Revival Collection Image. Image Credit to Parade.
Parade Rebel Revival Collection Image. Image Credit to Parade. /

Parade is known for its gorgeous and comfortable intimates including bras, underwear and even, loungewear. Given that I recently talked about wanting them to collaborate with Bridgerton, I'm happy to share this news.

The brand is launching its new collection which is The Rebel Revival. Coming in two classic colors of pink and black, this is for anyone who wants to feel even slightly sexy on the outside or embody some classic feminine energy.

Whether you're grabbing a set to watch while watching Bridgerton or just need something to spice up your old bra and panty combo, this collection has your name all over it. In addition, it's made with sustainable fabrics so you'll know that the items you'll be wearing feel as good as they look.

Thankfully, the collection is now available on Parade's website and features some utterly dreamy pieces so I wanted to make sure I showed this collection some love.

Don't miss Parade's Rebel Revival collection out now!

Parade Rebel Revival Product Image. Image Credit to Parade. /

Since this is a new collection, there's no chance of anyone getting to try it yet so I wanted to share some of my favorite items and one I'd consider purchasing. Regardless of which color you go for, both are classic and bound to make you feel sexy.

However, I'm partial to pink as it's my favorite color. With that being said, The Vintage Muse 3-Piece Set is especially sexy. This is priced at $83.00 and includes the Super Strappy Bralette Glow Satin, the Luxe Sculpt Underbust Corset, and the Sheer Radiance Cheeky. As you can see, you're getting an entire set for a good price so how could you say no? This also comes in black if you're wanting something more understated.

If you're not looking for intimates, there is also a Sheer Scuplt Demi Bodysuit which is the perfect thing to pair with a nice pair of jeans, shorts, or even, casual trousers for a night out. All in all, this collection is beautiful and something that would be worth trying to get before the premiere of Bridgerton.

Given that I wished for a possible Bridgerton x Parade collection, this is the next best thing. We can only hope that Parade and Bridgerton do end up working together. Until then, you can shop all of the gorgeous items featured within the Rebel Revival collection now.

Will you be grabbing anything from Parade's Rebel Revival collection? Let us know!

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