Orlando Bloom To the Edge is a reminder to live life fearlessly

Orlando Bloom To The Edge, photo provided by Peacock
Orlando Bloom To The Edge, photo provided by Peacock /

Over his storied career, Orlando Bloom swept movie audiences into swashbuckling moments and heartfelt monologues. In this latest adventure, Orlando Bloom To the Edge, the limited Peacock series is more than just a glimpse into his adrenaline-fueled adventure. It is a reminder to live life fearlessly.

The three-episode Peacock series follows Bloom as he learns to free dive, soar with the assistance of a wing suit, and rock climb precarious summits. While the adrenaline filled moments have people gasping or even hiding their eyes, it is more than just the adventure that captivates the audience. It is a reminder to never let fear rule your choices.

Although the normal person may not have the opportunity to free fall from the sky or climb the ultimate rock face, the reality is that everyone has unique, compelling, and meaningful opportunities to experience life. It might be a choice to snorkel a Belize reef or climb to the top of Table Mountain.

More importantly, it might be to rise from the couch and just walk down the street to a new coffee shop. No matter the situation, pushing fear aside and living life is a concept that cannot be forgotten.

This Orlando Bloom adventure docuseries will captivate fans of the actor as much as travel adventures looking for the next thrill. Although it is not an episode by episode guide to book the next itinerary, there are elements to each show that make people want to explore. Just like a Bloom movie allows people to escape, imagine, and believe in the plot, people will be engaged with each high and low from these moments.

The vulnerability that Bloom shows humanizes the larger than life actor. The doubts that he shares might be grander in scale due to the circumstances of the series, but they are relatable. In some ways, this series makes him even more appealing to his fans.

While this Peacock series has Bloom as the focus, the people who help him through each journey are quite compelling. Whether it is pushing the limits of a single breath in a deep, dark watery hole or carefully traversing a foothold to reach the summit, the people make the journey complete. It is another reminder that a full life comes with people who do not allow fear to hold them back.

For anyone looking for a little encouragement and diversion, Orlando Bloom To the Edge on Peacock is that show. It might not be full of fireworks or there might not be a quest for a ring, but it invite viewers to find a way to live life to its fullest.

Orlando Bloom To the Edge is available to stream on Peacock. There are three episodes in the limited series.

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