One-Star Romance is a delightful read from Laura Hankin

One-Star Romance by Laura Hankin. Image Credit to Berkley.
One-Star Romance by Laura Hankin. Image Credit to Berkley. /

When I first saw the title and cover for One-Star Romance by Laura Hankin, I knew I had to pick it up. I mean a book called One-Star Romance? Sign me up.

Aside from that, this book just screamed summer to me and since it’s coming out right ahead of the first day of summer, it was truly meant to be.

Coupled with the title and cover, I also learned about the premise, and from there, I knew I was going to pick it up no matter what. Thankfully, Berkley was kind enough to send me an ARC so I can share my thoughts and feelings with all of you.

Whether you’re someone who is intrigued by the fun title or can’t resist an adorable cover, then One-Star Romance needs to be on your summer TBR.

One-Star Romance is a fun romance you won’t be able to put down.

This book begins with Natalie and she has a best friend named Gabby. The two have been best friends for years and they’re living in an apartment in New York, living out those Sex and the City dreams we all have. Unfortunately, things quickly go up in smoke as Gabby gets engaged to her boyfriend, Angus.

Of course, that results in Natalie being Gabby’s maid of honor and her having to be in contact with Rob who is Angus’ best man. From the first moment, it’s clear the two of them have some weird tension but aren’t ready to act on it. However, things start to ramp up as the book is broken up into different sections.

Once it moves ahead to the wedding, we find out that Natalie has published a book and based a few things too closely with her own life. She ends up basing the main character’s best friend’s husband as the doofus of the group, resulting in Rob giving her book a poor rating. From there, it results in a feud between the two that they can’t seem to get over.

Eventually as Gabby and Angus hit some big milestones, the two end up having to meet up time and time again. While they don’t exactly become best friends, that underlying tension is still there. Of course, we also see the rotating door of relationships the two end up in and even how their friendships with Gabby and Angus shift along with their respective careers.

While One Star Romance is a romance, it also feels like a coming-of-age story and a tale of friendship, love, and loss. Honestly, I would have loved to see more of Natalie and Rob’s romance but this book was so much fun. I especially loved how things played out with Natalie and Gabby as that felt incredibly realistic.

Overall, One-Star Romance is a book that’s perfect for the beach as it’s a fun and quick read that you won’t want to put down even if you’re applying sunscreen. However, you should because that’s the most important beach rule. Either way, if you’re intrigued by the title, I think you should give One-Star Romance a try.

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