Nutella launches #BiscuitsnBesties with Kristen Kish

Nutella launches #BiscuitsnBesties and we're obsessed.
Nutella Teams Up with Kristen Kish for #BiscuitsNBesties Program. Image Credit to Nutella.
Nutella Teams Up with Kristen Kish for #BiscuitsNBesties Program. Image Credit to Nutella. /

If there's one thing you want to do with Nutella, it's share. That's not always true, but Nutella's newest campaign is all about sharing.

Called "BiscuitsnBesties," it's just as fun as it sounds. The press release from the brand said it best: "#BiscuitsNBesties is celebrating book clubs, crafting clubs, and all the social activity groups that help make connections with friends - and snacking moments - better. Crunchy, golden Nutella Biscuits are the only cookie with a creamy heart of Nutella, making them perfect to enjoy with friends." Honestly, how could you say no?

In addition, the brand is working with Kristen Kish for this. You might recognize Kish from Top Chef which she hosts. She's also a chef and has hosted a few other series in her time. However, she knows that sometimes it's best to relax and enjoy time with friends. The brand is also employing Zuri Hall to help with this.

If that wasn't enough, you can win weekly prizes and more if you head to Nutella's Instagram and show off you and your bestie: "Fans are encouraged to tag their bestie and @Nutella and use the hashtag #BiscuitsNBesties for the chance to win free biscuits and brand swag. One grand prize winner will also win a trip to New York City for themselves and their bestie." As someone who recently moved away from their bestie, I can confidently say that we would be all over this.

What's the best way to enjoy #BiscuitsnBesties time?

Somehow, I didn't think Nutella could get any better but making Nutella Biscuits makes it even better as you're getting the taste you love with a little crunch. However, I do think there are plenty of occassions where you and your bestie can enjoy some Nutella Biscuits and make it all about #BiscuitsnBesties.

Let me start by saying that these would be great for munching on while re-watching Bridgerton in preparation for the upcoming season. You could also have them while you're recovering from a night out. It happens to the best of us and Nutella Biscuits are there to make things a little bit easier. You could also pair them with tea or your favorite coffee drink for a crunchy treat.

Another great option for #BiscuitsnBesties time is having brunch. You could make an entire charcuterie board based upon Nutella or even, use these to make some Nutella s'mores with an extra crunch. All in all, there is no shortage of fun activities you can do with your bestie while snacking on some Nutella Biscuits.

Will you be partaking in Nutella's #BiscuitsnBesties time? Let us know!

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