Merry Kenmas: Holiday Theme Album I’m Just Ken is Ryan Gosling and Mark Ronson's campaign for an award-win

Barbie movie, Warner Bros.
Barbie movie, Warner Bros. /

Golden Globes and Grammy-nominated best original song ‘‘I’m Just Ken’ from the summer blockbuster Barbie. The film’s album composer, Mark Ronson, and Ryan Gosling released a holiday-themed album for "I’m Just Ken" while attaching an official music video of Gosling and Ronson in a decorated recording studio playing a holiday version of that song.

 The original version of the song played in the film sounds much smoother at the beginning of the first lyrics and becomes faster at the chorus part. This version sounds airy and much smoother to chug down with a familiarity of other classic holiday tunes.

 This version moves in a slow tempo in the music video, while the acoustic one sounds much breezier, and there is an airiness from the start of the track to when Gosling sings the first few lyrics and the chorus. Yet, the Purple Disco Machine remix of "I’m Just Ken’" sounds brisk and moves to a swift pace from the two others.

 While listening to the three tracks, it is noticeable that this holiday-themed album is Gosling and Ronson’s campaign for either a Grammy or a Golden Globe win for "I’m Just Ken". It makes sense with award season coming up for Ronson and Gosling to record and share a holiday album of the Grammy and Golden Globes nominated for I’m Just Ken to ride that bubble gum pink wave around the holidays until Grammy and/or Golden Globes season.

However, it is likely for the film’s song ‘‘I’m Just Ken’’ to win a Golden Globe in the category of Best Original Song. As for a Grammy win, it is unlikely, with other Grammy considerations competing for the same title, Best Written Song for Visual Media. Either way, the song still has a chance despite having some stiff competition.

What do you think of these new versions of "I'm Just Ken?" Share your favorite with us in the comments!

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