Maybe Man Tour Concert Review: AJR creates an immersive experience with current tour

AJR Performs At Pechanga Arena
AJR Performs At Pechanga Arena / Daniel Knighton/GettyImages
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Impowering Speech's

Since the band became a headlining artist, lead singer Jack Met has often provided an emotionally inspirational speech during their concert. It started in 2018, but they somewhat went away from it in 2019. Then, when the band began touring again for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, they incorporated yet another Jack speech into their finale.

During AJR's TMM tour, a speech is once again woven into their grand finale, with the overall message to their fans to never give up on their dreams, do not listen to bullies, be the biggest version of themselves, and there is always a community who shares the same interests and beliefs as yourself. One reason this band has grown so popular as they are is their brutal honesty and relatability in their lyrics and the vulnerability during the speech portion of their performance fits the band and fanbase oh so well.

Fan Reaction

I had the opportunity to talk to AJR super fan Tyler R who was attending his 20th AJR concert. This is what he had to say about the show and the Masterclass VIP upgrade:

This one was probably one of my favorites (AJR concert attended) I would say top 10 but maybe like 10 rather than towards the top. Mainly cause I had barricade and I got to see a lot of OKC friends I had met in the past. I had the masterclass and it was awesome, the signed laminate was really cool and so was the museum + masterclass. I mainly bought it to be closer to the front than anything, and I would let everyone know that it is NOT a meet and greet so don’t expect that, you do get a group photo but it is very rushed.

Final Thoughts

Attending an AJR concert is more than a show, it is an immersive experience. It is one of the most scripted, yet unscripted spectacles that can be witnessed in live music. If you are on the fence about attending one of their shows this summer, now is the perfect time to act as tickets to select shows are only $25 for Live Nation's concert week 2024.

These dates and deals will not last long, it could even be two or three seconds until they are gone. Overall AJR puts on an unforgettable show, and it is one you will not want to miss out on so just go because it will leave you feeling way less sad. The next stop on the Maybe Man tour is scheduled for May 9, 2024, in Tampa Florida.

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