Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sofia Vergara say this 'Modern Family' co-star accidentally messages them

Modern Family co-stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sofia Vergara reunited on Ferguson's podcast, where they revealed a funny story about one cast member who always accidentally texts them.

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It's been four years since the award-winning comedy Modern Family wrapped its 11-season run. Not only was the finale heartbreaking for fans but also the actors. The cast is as close-knit as the Pritchett and Dunphy families, and have remained in contact.

Since the series ended around the time the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, it was difficult for the cast members to hang out in person. But with the use of technology they were able to keep in touch.

During a recent episode of his Dinner's On Me podcast, Jesse Tyler Ferguson was joined by former co-star Sofia Vergara. The two discussed remaining in contact with their other castmates and they revealed Ed O'Neill tends to accidentally message them.

"He'd FaceTime me, and I would just see, like, the side of his house," Ferguson said. "Like he would be holding his phone, accidentally like FaceTiming me, so I'd just be like seeing his wall. I'd be like Ed, Ed, Ed, it's me. And he would be like, 'Jesse, what are you doing on my phone?"

Vergara then chimed in with her own accidental message story from O'Neill.

"You know what he does to me a lot? He leaves me messages, I think because my name is Sofia and his daughter is Sophia. He leaves me messages all the time, but it's to the daughter. He always starts, 'Sophia, it's dad.' I'm like at the beginning, it was like, 'Why is he calling? Why is he calling himself that to me?' You know? And then I was like, 'Oh, it's Sophia, the daughter.""

The 'Modern Family' cast has had several reunions

While the Modern Family cast routine keeps in touch via phone, they've also reunited in person. In November 2023, Vergara hosted a party at her house with all her co-stars sans Ty Burrell. Although Burrell couldn't make the festivities, his friends included his portrait when they took a group photo.

Burrell did join Vergara, Ferguson, O'Neill, Julie Bowen, and Eric Stonestreet as presenters at the 2024 SAG Awards. While the award show reunion was a surprise for fans, it almost didn't happen.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Ferguson revealed everyone was busy, but they canceled their plans. When Burrell was uncertain if he would be available, Ferguson guilt-tripped his friend into coming to the awards show.

"The last time we had a reunion, Ty Burrell wasn't able to come, and so we posed with a photo of Ty... and then the internet thought he was dead. When the SAG Awards happened, he was supposed to do something else. I was like, 'Ty! You can't miss it again! People will really think you're dead!' It's like, 'We need to present you to show that you're not dead!' So he made it.""

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