In Limbo, the Australian dramedy drops on Hulu: Everything to know!

In Limbo, a series chronically mental health and illness in Australia, has arrived on Hulu.
In Limbo Ep 1 Charlie (Bob Morley) & Nate (Ryan Corr). Image courtesy ABC Australia
In Limbo Ep 1 Charlie (Bob Morley) & Nate (Ryan Corr). Image courtesy ABC Australia /

In Limbo made its new and second home on Hulu on Wednesday, May 8th. The six-episode ABC Australian dramedy centers on mental illness and grief, with a strong impact on how it can affect surviving loved ones after loss. Such as the case of Nate (Bob Morley), who committed suicide, but before he could enter the Afterlife, he pays a visit as a ghost to his best friend, Charlie (Ryan Corr), on Earth to settle some loose ends.

Nate is your typical laid-back and adventurous guy, while Charlie is the more serious one. Although they are complete opposites, the two make a perfect friendship, and both add heart and soul to the series. The subject of mental health flows beautifully between the two men while giving the series a realistic and effective lens.

The original broadcaster, ABC (Australia), provided the synopsis for In Limbo when it first aired in May 2023.

"When Charlie's best friend dies, leaving him to support his mate's grieving family, he is confronted with facing his own demons as well as the ghost of his dead friend haunting him."

What's In Limbo about?

Throughout In Limbo, Nate and Charlie engage in some emotional and hilarious hijinks while trying to console Nate's family, including his young daughter. Nate's wife, Freya (Emma Harvie), is struck hard by her husband's unexpected passing and juggles with the future's unknown while trying to be strong for their daughter and dealing with her in-laws. It's not the smoothest of transitions, as there are clashing and religious disagreements, but their love and connection for Nate brings them closer.

Meanwhile, personal conflicts ensue Charlie as he slowly comes to terms with Nate's death. In the light of things, he finds his confidence with Nate at his side while oblivious that he's helping others cope with their grief, finding resolutions to his friends' own personal strifes, and finding the strength to move on. It's a slow process but a healing one.

It's not an easy compass to navigate, as death is understandably difficult to understand and accept. We may never know why things happen the way they do because life isn't simple. It's a complimented mess, sometimes requiring an even more complicated cleanup. Once the cleanup is finished, there's hope that things in the future will be better, and it's important to note that whatever happens in life, we should hold on to that hope.

The light's always there through the darkness, even if it's transparent. Sharing our grief and having an open discussion when it comes to mental illnesses and their demons raises awareness to provide a better solution for prevention. In Limbo tackles these elements with full force, offering both heartbreak and joy when remembering who was lost as a person, not their ending.

Watch the In Limbo trailer below!

Who stars in the In Limbo series?

In Limbo stars a talented cast who bring the story to life.

Bob Morley In Limbo Everything to know
WonderCon 2016 - Day 3 / Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

Bob Morley as Nathaniel "Nate" Webb

Born: January 20th, 1984

You might have seen Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake on the hit CW post-apocalyptic drama The 100 a Bellamy Blake, the heart-led leader. He then guest-starring as Half-Life in the season three finale of the ABC cop series The Rookie and returned to his home country of Australia to star in the Binge/Foxtel miniseries Love Me. Both Love Me and The Rookie season three finale are on Hulu. The 100 is currently streaming on Netflix.

Ryan Corr In Limbo Everything to know
2019 AACTA Awards Presented by Foxtel | Industry Luncheon - Red Carpet Arrivals / Don Arnold/GettyImages

Ryan Corr as Charlie Hicks

Born: January 15th, 1989

Another Australian native, Ryan Corr, is pretty new to American audiences with In Limbo's Hulu debut. Before his role as Charlie, he played Sar Harwin Strong in HBO's Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon. In Australia, he had a role in the soap Neighbours and was a teen heartthrob on the Australian adventure series The Sleepover Club

Will there be a season 2 of In Limbo?

Six episodes of this heart-melting and hilarious dramedy aren't enough, and Morley and Corr's dynamic is casting magic. It'll be a "mortal sin" not to have these two on-screen again.

So, will there be a season 2 of In Limbo? According to Morley's panel at Conageddon, yes, there'll be a second season. It will likely have six episodes and feature more of Nate and Charlie's incredible friendship.

The complete first season of In Limbo is streaming on Hulu.

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