Huggies Introduces A New Innovation Focused On Skin Health

Huggies Skin Essentials Image. Image Credit to Taylor Masura.
Huggies Skin Essentials Image. Image Credit to Taylor Masura. /

Get ready to help your babies in a way that helps protect their skin with a brand-new innovation from Huggies, the Huggies Skin Essentials collection.

The Skin Essentials Diaper includes Huggies New proprietary SkinProtect Liner that helps to sponge moisture and protect a baby's skin against rashes. In addition to the diapers, The Huggies Skin Essentials collection also includes Skin Essentials wipes and Pull-Ups Skin Essentials training pants.

Huggies Skin Essentials Diapers comes in sizes Newborn through age 6 and features Huggies Blowout Blocker, fun Disney designs, and is up to 100% leakproof. They do not include fragrance, parabens, and elemental chlorine. Consumers can now fit their babies with comfortable diapers with a style twist that encourages the creativity of Disney movies and franchises.

Huggies Skin Essentials Wipes are Huggies' densest wipes and are made with 99% water and no harsh ingredients. The wipes are available for $6.79 at Target, and larger orders can be purchased on Amazon for $17.99.

Pull-Ups Skin Essentials Training Pants are not made with any fragrance or elemental chlorine. The Skin Essentials training pants are perfectly made for potty training with up to 100% leakproof protection, giving your baby or toddler the best chance for a fun day and the parent the best chance for an easier clean. They even come with your favorite Disney and Pixar characters, such as Elsa from Frozen and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, who are featured in this new launch.

Your kid will have a friend in you as it may feel like the first time in forever that there is a product that not only protects your baby's accidents, but their skin as well.

However, there is more to know about Huggies' new initiative, which includes its first-ever "We Got You Baby Crew" - a group of trusted parent creators who embrace the messiness of parenthood. The "We Got You Baby Crew" includes Super Dad Isaac Rochell, mother-of-five Emily Vondy, and the original "Slayer of Motherhood" Tanya Marie.

Huggies continues to offer comfort in its products, but by offering a new layer of comfort to the baby's skin, these new offerings are a win-win situation for the parents looking out for their kids, and the babies who get to discover a new layer of comfort to what they wear every day.

Huggies Skin Essentials will be sold in stores and online within major retailers nationwide, including Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more, starting in May.

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