How to End a Love Story is a dynamic debut by Yulin Kuang

Yulin Kuang lays the groundwork for what's to come with her debut.
How To End A Love Story by Yulin Kuang. Image Courtesy of Avon.
How To End A Love Story by Yulin Kuang. Image Courtesy of Avon. /

There are some romance books you hear about and immediately know you want to read them which is what happened with How To End a Love Story by Yulin Kuang.

If you recognize that author’s name, she worked as a screenwriter and director for shows such as I Ship It and Dollface. In addition, she’s also penning the script for Emily Henry’s People We Meet on Vacation film.

As you can see, Yulin Kuang isn’t afraid of a little bit of romance and that’s why I knew I had to read her debut romance novel. Clearly, someone as talented as her couldn’t possibly write a bad love story.

I’d like to thank Avon for sending me an early ARC so I’m able to share my thoughts and feelings with you.

How To End A Love Story is a unique romance from Yulin Kuang.

Before getting into the plot, this book does deal with our main character, Helen losing her sister to suicide and it does come up a lot. If that is something that bothers you, I think it’s best that you skip this one.

However, the thing that I think is so interesting is how Yulin Kuang connects these two. Grant was the one who hit Helen’s sister and from then, she’s always hated him. It’s an understandable feeling but things get worse as Grant and Helen have to work together to write an adaptation of her popular YA series for TV.

Working in the writer's room is already anxiety-inducing for Helen but adding in Grant feels like a layer of hell. While the two try to stay away from each other, their connection makes them even more magnetic. It’s honestly wild to think about these two ending up together but Yulin Kang manages to pull it off.

In addition, Kuang doesn’t shy away from tough topics as Helen is dealing with not only grief but also her parents' expectations and their own personal feelings about Grant. It doesn’t make for an easy read but it is incredibly compelling. Plus Grant also has a lot of trauma surrounding the accident and even has panic attacks.

Despite having such a cutesy title, How to End a Love Story is a hard read but it’s so rewarding if you’re able to push through. What seems impossible is executed by Yulin Kuang and her writing is just dynamic. Considering that I’m a fan of I Ship It and Dollface, that doesn’t come as a surprise. Either way, this is a springtime release you won’t want to miss.

How to End a Love Story by Yulin Kuang is out now where books are sold.

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