House of the Dragon drops new merch in celebration of season 2

The Dragons are looking quite dapper in the newest merch collection.
House of the Dragon Season 2 Merch Arrives, Fuels the Firestorm. Image Credit to RP Minis.
House of the Dragon Season 2 Merch Arrives, Fuels the Firestorm. Image Credit to RP Minis. /

HBO dropped the much-awaited season two of the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon, this past Sunday after a nearly two-year hiatus. Warner Bros. Discovery and several participating companies have released incomparable merchandise to celebrate the premiere. You have a little bit of everything, from liquor, fashion, house goods, and even collectible toys.

Per a press release obtained by Culturess, Warner Bros. Discovery stated the following about the new merch launch.

"The new “House of the Dragon” S2 inspired fashions, footwear and accessories from premium partners including Loungefly, Nalebe luxury footwear, and more capture all the drama of the long-awaited "Dance of the Dragons" (scales and crystals are prominent!). New board games, collectible dragon eggs, colorful tarot cards, and even wine and cider will give fans more ways to celebrate. "

In a piece of exciting news, House of the Dragon has been officially renewed for a third season, and the dragon tales will continue.

The House of the Dragon unveils season 2 merch collection

Your first ride would be the official Warner Bros. Discovery online store, also known as the WBShop, where you can't go wrong with a tee displaying your favorite character or representing your chosen team of Black or Green with wall banners. For those who like collecting glassware, a wide range of mugs, tumblers, and even shot glasses are available and would be your bar or kitchen's centerpieces.

The real pinnacle of House of the Dragon is Emma D'arcy, who portrays the fierce Rhaenyra Targaryen. We love standing behind her cause with this graphic tee below. The tee features profiles of Rhaenyra in fiery red and her name in an ombre effect. It'll be great to wear when watching.

House of the Dragon season 2 merchandise
House of the Dragon Season 2 Merch Arrives, Fuels the Firestorm. Image Credit to The WB Shop. /

If lighting up your house is more your style, then the WBShop offers a light-up dragon egg, which gives a warm light and comes with a 32-page booklet featuring colored photographs, egg and baby dragon care, and their symbolism. Dragons represent a massive portion of both the Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon universe

Then, whether you're getting ready for a watch party, running errands, or admiring real-life dragons like the Komodo or the bearded dragon, you'll look sharp in these black-heeled crystallized boots from the shoe retailer Nalebe. According to Nalebe's site, the crystals "mimic the dragon scales" and are delicately placed on the boots. Since the footwear is customized, no two pairs are exactly alike, and because of this, they'll lean you back with a $4,000 price tag.

The apparel and accessory company Loungefly, which infuses fandoms into backpacks and fashion, has released a House of the Dragon mini backpack. Its detailing includes a gold-scale zipper, symbolic debossing, and a three-headed red dragon motif on the front pocket. It's priced at $79.99 on Amazon.

These are just a small percentage of the merchandise lineup and more will be revealed as season 2 extends. Be sure to check out the wine collection from Vintage Wine Estates so you'll have something to serve while hosting your House of the Dragon watch party, or desire a elegant Medieval touch with dinner.

House of the Dragon season 2 is currently airing on HBO, with next day streaming on Max.

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