Heatonist is headed nationwide for those wanting Hot Ones at home

Enjoy your take on Hot Ones as Heatonist rolls out hot sauces nationwide.
Heatonist Hot Ones hot sauces coming to grocery shelves nationwide. Image Credit to Heatonist.
Heatonist Hot Ones hot sauces coming to grocery shelves nationwide. Image Credit to Heatonist. /

Hot Ones is one of those web series the world can't get enough of and Heatonist knows it. That's why they recently shared plans to roll out the brand's hot sauces nationwide.

For those who watch episodes of Hot Ones, we now these iconic bottles and frankly, I'm sure many viewers have been wanting to try them. Thankfully, the brand is making sure we can do our very own Hot Ones at home.

While no one will be asking us questions, we can still get the delicious spice and tingle at home very soon. The brand recently shared that bottles of its iconic sauce will be headed to grocery shelves nationwide. Frankly, I'm incredibly excited about this and truly can't wait.

Previously, you could only order these online, get them at the Heatonist store in New York and at some Walmart locations. Thankfully, the press release shared when things will start: "Hot sauces from HEATONIST’s Hot Ones line launched in 1,341 Publix stores on April 19, at 1,500 Kroger locations starting April 21, and can be found at 262 Meijer doors starting April 27. The next stop? Whole Foods, which shares the hot sauce company’s focus on natural products free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. HEATONIST hot sauces will be available at 163 Whole Foods stores starting in June." As you can see, things are expanding hotly for the brand.

Which Heatonist Hot Ones sauces are currently hitting shelves?

If you're like me, you're probably curious as to which sauces are hitting shelves first. In the press release shared by the brand, we're getting 3 different flavors. First is the Hot Ones Los Calientes Verde. This sauce comes in at the middle of the lineup and features a "Cali-Mex" flavor. With a heat rating of 4 out of 10, this is a mild one and would be one for those not want something nearly as spicy. All in all, I think this could be a great one for tacos as it has that California-Mexican feel to it which sounds delightful.

Moving on to the next flavor, the second one is Hot Ones The Classic. This hot sauce is meant to be the brand's regular hot sauce. I don't know about you, but sometimes, going with the classic is the best. Of course, you can use this one for hot wings, adding to buffalo chicken dip or even, to add a kick to your breakfast or brunch table.

Last but not least, the final sauce coming to stores nationwide is Hot Ones Buffalo Hot Sauce. Now this is the one you definitely want to add to your next helping of buffalo chicken dip. This has a heat rating of a 2 out of 10 so it's pretty mild. However, I do think this is one you can dress up and add to so many different things. You can make your own buffalo tender, make a buffalo chicken sandwich, or even, add it to chicken breast to make slow cooker buffalo shredded chicken.

Given how popular Hot Ones is, I'm sure these Heatonist sauces are going to be a massive seller and with summer right around the corner, the possibilities are endless. If you're looking for some of these sauces, make sure to use the brand's store locator to find the closest location to you.

Which Heatonist Hot Ones sauce are you looking forward to trying at home? Share your favorite Hot Ones episode with us.

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